Thursday, October 25, 2012

the soft halloween look

Hehe i didn't want to make a halloween post. But then Dancer told me about the halloween skin from Poised. I took it from marketplace sl and tried it. Meanwhile talking with Dancer.
And she said this:

[15:06] Dancer Nitely: it seems to be a little softer than most goth skins
[15:06] Dancer Nitely: often they seem so hard in appearance
[15:07] Dancer Nitely: so that's good i think
[15:07] Nicandra Laval: yes i saw it on the picture already
[15:08] Dancer Nitely: i compared it to another goth skin, big difference
[15:09] Dancer Nitely: i think it could work with the platinum dura hair, for a softer halloween look

[15:12] Nicandra Laval: I try it now  with the platinium hair
[15:12] Dancer Nitely: halloween goth is often black, black, black
[15:12] Nicandra Laval: must also use grey  eyes then
[15:12] Dancer Nitely: so it could be interesting to go the other way
[15:13] Nicandra Laval: yes the ghost way
[15:13] Dancer Nitely: yes, exactly :)
[15:13] Dancer Nitely: ghost instead of vampire
[15:14] Nicandra Laval: yes ))

So here is Nic as the cute ghost halloween casual girl. May be she was murdered not so long time ago, when she weared her long t shirt and pants from Chronokit. Now she returns every time there at the place of the murder. She walks through doors and walls and is guarded by her old ghost friend. No he isn't dangerous for her as you might have thought at your first glance seeing the pictures. No he is protecting her. He dwells around with her. Playing with her. When will she get her rest? Who will ever know?

Skin: Poised - ::Poised:: Dark Silhouette Halloween Goth Gift Skin ( 1ld)
Hair: Dura - 2012/10/31 Halloween gift hair(For Ladys)( free)
Pants: Chronokit- *chronokit*  Fabre Pants 01 gray
Long t: Chronokit - *chronokit* Long T Shirts 01 striped2< gray>
Belt: Chronokit - *chronokit*  Belt 01
From inventory: Lipgloss - P&T; Espadrilles - Balkanik; Spider web stockings- Vinyl Café; grey eyes_ Rotten toe ( marketplace ( 20ld).

Well i like stories with a happy end. I can tell you Nic is saved and here she is back as a colorful casual girl.

Have a nice Halloween, Nic

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Fledge said...

Yes... I did go for the black, black, black look myself... >.> It's not my fault! PurpleMoon produced a stunning new dress for the occasion and it was black. Great ghostly grey look makes you very original :)

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