Monday, April 24, 2017


These pictures are made at "The Looking Glass"at the sim Horizon Dream. This sim already exists several years. What they ( Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee)  builded there is impressive. In the buildings and outside in the field around the high towers are many nice ( also romantic) places to explore. You need travel around there to see the squares and houses and more.
Tjip is wearing a shirt with tee from Black Rose. It's the gift for the Fabulous Free group. Under it he is wearing a beige pants from a 50ld item at Wilson's. Go totally upstairs in the shop. It is one of the old groupgifts.
Nic is wearing a new groupgift from Bueno. High quality as always. The top is part of the female groupgift from Blackrose. Her tattoo is a groupgift at Mirus.

On Nic:
Top: Black Rose - part of outfit BlackRose April Gift (free)
Shorts: Bueno - Bueno -BUENO-GROUP GIFT- Camo Maya Shorts (free)
Tattoo: Mirus - *MIRUS* Gift Armony Tattoo Maitreya Slink Belleza appliers (free)
From inventory: Hair - Truth ( old gg); shoes: Zen Creations for teleport Hub -( omgoodness  it changed.. now you can get a mirror)

On tjip
Pants: Wilson's - part of outfit  Wilson's Closet MHO (50ld/ upstairs old hunt gift))
Shirt with tee: Black Rose - Costarlos Jacobs Shirt Monochrome Camel ( for Fab Free group/ free)
From inventory: Hair-  Dura ( old christmas hunt gift); Shoes - [Vale Koer] ( see post before this one)
Pictures made at ; The Looking Glass 
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, April 23, 2017

incurable romantic

Incurable romantic ..yes they are...

Tonight you're mine, completely...You give your soul so sweetly...Tonight the light of love is in your eyes...Will you love me tomorrow
Is this a lasting treasure...Or just a moment's pleasure...Can I believe the magic of your sighs...Will you still love me tomorrow
Tonight with words unspoken...You said that I'm the only one, the only one...But will my heart be broken...When the night meets the morning star
I'd like to know that your love...Is a love I can be sure of...So tell me now, 'cause I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow ( Carol King)

Tjip is showing you a jacket with tee ( also without tee in the folder) from Prey. It is a weekly limited 50ld item  .. still 90 available. The shirt with text  is from the sale at Mishchino. All 20ld at the moment. I don't know for how long. So hurry up and go. They have for females nice groupgifts ( see gown below) and lucky boards. Tjip's shoes are a groupgift at [Vale Koer]. With the hud you can change the color of many parts of the shoes  
I like Nic's short dress very much. It's the new groupgift at Mirus. Lovely sexy and elegant. On Nic's back you see a rose tattoo. Get it for 10ld at the Hashtag event. Nic is wearing again hair from Magika from the 10th anniversary.
On tjip:
Jacket: Prey - PREY - Corey Brown Leather Jacket (50ld)
T-Shirt: Mishchino - MishChino - U-Neck Shirt Never (20ld)
From inventory: Hair - Dura; jeans - American Bazaar

On Nic:
Rose Tattoo - X-FORM at HashTag  - X-FORM - Roses Tattoo Slink Belleza Maitreya & Classic
Dress: Mirus - *MIRUS* Secrets Dress Maitreya Hourglass Slink TMP(free)
Boots: ELYSIUM - ELYSIUM - Sophia knee high boots - pirate black
Earrings:*PerveTTe* at Gacha Guardian - PerveTTe* Gift (free)
Black gown: Mishchino - {Mishchino} Lady Bond dress The Exclusive (free)
Hair: Magika - Magika Group Gift - Plenty Fatpack
From inventory: Silvershoes-  Blueberry (gacha); necklace - +AA+, skin - LAQ (WILMA); head - LeLutka ( Simone  - bento); 
Pictures made at: The Isle 
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, April 21, 2017

our home at the countryside

click small pictures to enlarge

Longtime today i spend my time with decorating this countryside shed with loggia from f8f. Now they can live there.There is a kitchen and they can cook and enjoy the good things of life.
Nic is wearing a nice dress that i found at the Hashtag Event for just 5ld from [Zex]. At the same event i found the shirt with tee from tjip for just 10ld. The set comes with a hud for the inner tee. A very good set. Tjip's boots are the new groupgift from Prey for men.  Nic is wearing sunglasses and shoes, presents at The Gacha Guardian. Nic's hair is a groupgift from Magika. Groupgifts out because of the 10th anniversary!
The kitchen is build with  pieces from the gacha from Mushilu at Epiphany. Also the pots, pans and shelfs with accessories are from that gacha. Near the shed in the loggia you can see on the large picture a new release at the Fantasy Fair ( started April 20) from Mistique, a summer swing. The bike is a pose prop bike from Salacity. The bike has many funny poses.
I used many presents from the gacha guardian for the decoration. For example on the walls the tiles, the mugs on the table, the spiral eggs on the table, the woodshop measure sign, the cat in the basket with the small doggie (it is the very cute package) from Bowillow, the rag hanger, the mail board with diet list, the herb garden log seat ( in front of the bike), the wheelbarow.
The yellow bin is a new gift at Plaaka. The copper tray side table is a gift at BIGBULLY
The begging huskie is from a pose from Eniipose. On the ground bunny heels from Nic. Below you can see a close-up. They are super cute. From an easter hunt. The eggs are still in the shop run!
Flowers from Heart Garden and Mesh India.

Taxi to The Gacha Guardian or GG:  here
On Nic:
Dress: [Zex] at Hashtag - [ZEX] Gabrielle dress - FLORAL (5ld)
Shoes: Essenz at GG - Essenz - Namibia (Soft Yellow) The Guardians Gift (free)
Hair: Magika - Magika Please ( 10 years anniversary/ free/ but group join fee)
Sunglasses: ::Modish:: at GG - ::Modish:: Wanderland Frames  red (free)
Poses outside: agape- Agape couple pose 3 and 4 (old gift/ free)
Pose in the shed:[ Frimon Store]- [Frimon Store] # Couple 17 (free)
On tjip:
Boots: Prey - PREY - April Gift Men's(free)
Shirt with Tee:[CHUCK SIZE] at Hashtag - [CHUCK SIZE] SAINT LAURENT "BLUE"(10ld)
Tattoo: G.I.D at BodyFy -G.ID-NeverMore Tattoo GIFT (free)
From inventory: Jeans - American Bazaar; Hair - Dura

Kitchen: Mushilu at Epiphany - Mushilu Kitchen (NEW)
Swing: Mistique at Fantasy Fair -Mistique- Summer swing beige (NEW)
Bike: Salacity - Salacity - Freewheeling Bike Photo Prop (NEW)
Bin: Plaaka - PLAAKA FreeGift (free)
Begging huskie: Enii pose at Hashtag - part of ENIIPose-Moments (free)
Cat in basket with doggie: :BoWillow: at GG -the box from :BoWillow:DreamParty(free)
Wall decor with tiles: RAMA at GG- RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Art Showroom Wall Decor (free)
Rag Hanger: Velvet Whip at GG - [V/W] Rag hanger (free)
Spiral eggs: The Half Moon Market at GG- The Half Moon Market spiral eggs (free)
Woodshop measure sign: Fiasco at GG - Fiasco Woodshop Measure Sign ( free)
Mail board with diet list : Mesh India at GG - MI Mail Board (free)
Wheel Barrrow: Lagom at GG - Lagom Wheel Barrow guardian gift (free)
Log: Artisan Fantasy at GG -*AF* Herb Garden Log Seat (free)
Mug: Little Llama at GG - Little Llama - Bookworm Mug (free)
Bag with ball: Kei's at GG - Kei's South Beach Clutter (free)
Tray side Table - BIGBULLY - BIGBULLY Tray Side Table ( free)
Table: Scarlet Creative - Scarlet creative - Distressed Lace table ( free)
Lantern on the table: *ionic* - *ionic* Glass lantern ( old gacha /see marketplace)
Bell flowers white and spring trolley: Mesh India  - MI - Spring Flower gacha
Wild flowers: Heart Garden Center - Heart - Wild flower Foxgloves and Queen Ann
Bunny Heels : [NyD] - [NyD] Gift Easter Egg 3 (free/ still in the shop)
First aid  with ladder: junk. - junk. step ladder shelf first aid
Wooden chair - junk. - old school tube chair
From inventory: Rolling pin - *ionic* ( old christmas gift) Coffee machine- {what next}; tulips - {what next}; rubber boots - the Loft
Pictures made at: La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, April 20, 2017

relax!... all you need is.... many gifts

Many times you see Nic relaxing on my blog. Here again. Nic is showing you two tattoos. How cute is the bunny tattoo near her pants, a gift at BodyFy. The sakura flower tattoo is from the Hashtag, a gift from Red Girl Tattoo 5ld. The tattoo is a nice combination with the silky shorts with sakura texture, a groupgift at [BREATH]. The cardigan is from Nic's inventory from chronokit. The  white bustier is from Nic's inventory from Blueberry. It was a Luxe Box item in 2016. The hair is new at Tameless. On the second picture you can see the backpart of the hair. It comes with a hair base ( also with Omega applier).
Nic is wearing a blueberry on her nail, a subcriber gift at Astralia. The strawberry milk is a gift from CMYK. The cute bunny ( it is a mouth bunny) is a gift at The Gacha Guardians. The sunglasses are also a gift at The Gacha Guardians.

The lounger, lamp and table you can buy at  the Genre event.Theme underworld.  The lounger has 18 animations for male and female positions. The event is from April 15 - May 12.

Shorts::::KC::: -  :::KC::: Maraya Shorts // GIFT
Heels: [BREATH] -[BREATHE]-Lola Heels-FATPACK (free)
Hair: Tameless - Tameless Hair Elizabetta - (NEW)
Bunny Tattoo::::Precious::: at BodyFy - :::Precious::: Panic Button !
Flower tattoo: Red Girl Tattoo at Hashtag - [RG] HASHTAG GIFT (5ld)
Strawberry milk : CMYK - CMYK// strawberry Milk (Gift)
Sunglasses: MINIMAL at GG - MINIMAL - Guardians Gift (free)
Nail addon: Astralia - Astralia - Blueberry's Heart (Gift) <3 (free)
Mouth bunny: The Gacha Guardians -  * The Gacha Guardians group gift * (free)

Table, lamp and lounger: [CIRCA] at Genre ( Underworld) -  [CIRCA] - GENRE ~ "KRYON" Items (Underworld)
From inventory: Summer cardigan pink - chronokit; Head - LeLutka, skin - LAQ,; body - Maitreya; white pantie - Maitreya; bustier- Blueberry ( old Luxe Box item)
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

you are dreaming.. go on!


Creating this cloudy fantasy world with the gacha items from unKindness at the Epiphany  (started 16th of april) was a pleasure to do. In the gacha are 3 sorts of islands in large, mid and small ( all resizable), then the fairy fog, pixie dust and clouds Also a cloud swing and hanging bridge. The moon is an Epiphany exclusive. The Rare item is the tree with you are dreaming board. You can also win an ancient stage ( not on the pictures).
In the decor you can see the bunny chairs from the Madpea Hunt (ends midnight april 18th). The flowers are from Heart. The  huge pocketwatch is from Pixel Mode.The bookpiles from Mesh India (gacha). Cart with eggs from Mesh India (gacha). The horses are from a full perm package at marketplace.
What is dreamy Nic wearing on her swing. A new gift dress from Hilly Haalan. Comes with a large color hud. Shoes from Slipper, a dollarbie at marketplace. The skin is a new skin with omega applier from 7 Deadly s{K}ins.

Dress: Hilly Haalan - [hh] GIFT Gigi Dress ( free)
Shoes: Slipper - Slipper April Peeptoe ( 1ld)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Maureen [omega face/body] PINEAPPLE (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - Truth, Head - LeLutka; Body Maitreya; lipstick and freckles - LeLutka

In the clouds gacha: unKindness at Epiphany - uk - In the Clouds - Epiphany (NEW)
Bunny chairs: MadPea - Madpea Bunny Throne ( free/ 2500 points/ hunt)
Huge watch: Pixel Mode - [PM]Pixel Mode - Somewhere in Time Broken Pocketwatch Clock *
Table: {what next} - {what next} 'Coastal' Marlow Chairs & Decor (free/ join group fee)
Plants: Heart Garden Centre- Heart - Wild Flowers - Queen Anne's Lace and Heart - Wild Flowers - Foxgloves
Horses: Just Animals - Horse package - full perm
Bye bye, Nic
Click small pictures to enlarge

Monday, April 17, 2017

sailor time

Sailor time is near. Nic is wearing a good dress for sunny time near the water or on a boat. I love marine stripes. Nic is on picture making tour in Firestorm Ghost Town. This dress is the Tifty 5 Thursday item from Emberotic's Fashion designs. Still in the shop. Realy 55ld! You get the dress with the scarf and the hat. The vintage tattoo is from a present at BodyFy. Bags and camera are from Nic's inventory. The hair is from Truth ( Miriam)

Dress: Emberotic's Fashion Designs - EFD_148 Blue Sailor Mini Dress *(Fifty5 Thursday/ 55ld)
Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG at BodyFy - THIS IS WRONG Vintage tattoo unisex (free)
Shoes: ELYSIUM - Elysium - Flavia sandals - maritime (Fatpack 50ld/ closing sale)
From inventory: Bag - Indy&Co; sailor bag - {*I <3 FashiOn*} ; Hair Truth; Body Maitreya; Hands - Slink; head - LeLutka ( bento)
Pictures made at: The Ghost Town

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter with flowers from Holland

Tulips from Holland on this Easter day. Hope you have all a good time.
Nic had yesterday a good time at this beautiful part of a sim. The sim has hidden places ( where i made the picture with tjip) and in the air and somewhere between the sakura trees in the hills i discovered this huge dragon. Sitting on his neck Nic had a mighty view over the landscape. As you can see i also found an golden egg at the MadPea hunt, good for 100 points. Yesterday i got everywhere such golden eggs. May be because Easter was near and so the end of the hunt. May be they make it easier for us to get many points to get what we want for it at the MadPea hunting head quarter.  Nic got this cute bunny in an egg. And later on a nice basket with eggs and flowers. The outfit from Nic is a groupgift from Hipnose/SPAZIO. I recolored the top. Many gifts there also for the males. Tjip is showing you the male gift. The jacket and shirt from one groupgift with  the jeans from another groupgift there. For females also a long skirt with a bolero top and a necklace good for medieval role-play The necklace on the picture is from another groupgift set there. Nic's sandals are from the closing sale at Elysium ( 50ld/ fatpack).

On Nic:
Outfit: Hipnose - Hipnose COS 22 (free)
Necklace: Hipnose - Hipnose RO 11 (free)
Sandals: ELYSIUM - Elysium - Flavia sandals - nude (closingsale/ fatpack 50ld)
Bunny in egg: MadPea - MadPea Hatched Bunny (500points/ hunt/ free/ but you need have the hud)
On tjip:
Jacket an shirt: SPAZIO- part of full set Hipnose A 28 - GIFT SPAZIO ( free)
Jeans: SPAZIO -  Part of full set A 10 - GIFT SPAZIO (free)
From inventory: Hair - Tameless ( see post before this one, Body and hands - maitreya, Head - LeLutka Bento; hair tjip - Dura, beard [i-mesh], tattoo - Pimp my Sh!t ( BodyFy event free); Tulips - The Loft&Aria
Bye bye, Nic
Pictures made at: Amore Estate

Saturday, April 15, 2017

oh c'mon doggie

Oh c'mon little's your doggy bathtime. It will be showtime when the boss comes home ... no dirty, smelly dogs he wants.
Nic is wearing a lovely dress for sunny times. It's from the sale at Elysium. You get a fatpack for just 50ld. Nic's necklace is  from !IT!, an at Exclusive for Twe12ve. You can change many parts of this necklace. On her leg at the backside is a tattoo from Salacity. The hair is an exclusive release from Tameless at the Dark Side Fashion Fair. There is also a gift hair there (10ld)
The bubbles are from Persefona. The chair with willow branches in a bucket is from the MadPea Hunt for 2500 points.

Dress: Elysium - ELYSIUM - Mary Lou dress - diva red ( fatpack/ closing sale/ 50ld)
Shoes: Elysium - ELYSIUM Asta Strappy heels - red (fatpack/ closing sale/ 50ld)
Tattoo: Salacity Tattoos - Salacity Tattoos - Spirit Owl (NEW)
Necklace: !IT! - !IT! - Twe12ve excl April
Hair: Tameless for the DarkSide Fashion Fair - Tameless Hair Rashida (NEW)

Bubbles with poses: Persefona- Persefona Soap Bubbles (rainbow 1) (NEW)
Chair with willow: Madpea - MadPea chair with Easter bucket ( hunt/ 2500points)
Bath: Pixel Mode - [PM] Pixel Mode - Poor man's hot tube
Table - Apple Fall - AF Café table
Lamp: Apple Fall- AF Dolly lamp
From inventory: Dachshund - Pink Acid ; Body and hands Maitreya; Skin- WoW Skins, Hair base - Unorthodox; soap- AXL Pro; head - LeLutka; sleeping puppy - ISPACHI
Pictures made at: Lost Horizon
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, April 14, 2017

feast of a new beginning

This is all about a new beginning: the spring season and Easter. And the deeper layer is may be that there will always be a new beginning. What do we know or belief or feel with a deep knowing about this?
Nic is surrounded by new beginnings. The henhouse and the basket with bunny and chicken are from 8f8 from a gacha. Chickens from {anc}. The toolbox for the garden is from Simply Shelby  from the Midnight Mania board. ( also included is a nice garden hose for on a wall).  Nic is dressed like a bunny. Aren't we like kids these days in sl.. so happy with all the Easter egg hunts and bunny outfits.
Nic is wearing a nice dress from Rowena's Designs from a spring hunt in that shop. You can find 8 eggs (4 from Rowena's Designs and 4 from Precious Designs). More dresses and  shoes in that hunt. I loved also another dress very much. So take your bunny ears and baskets and go hunting ladies.
The bunny ear mask is from points from the MadPea Hunt.
Nic's hair is from the Fifty Linden Friday from Wasibi Pills. The beautiful white hand lace tattoo is from Juna. ( at marketplace)

Dress: Rowena's Designs - {RS} Edwina Dress Bagged with color hud (hunt/ free)
Tattoo: Juna. - Juna. White lace hand tattoo (59ld)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ - /Wasabi Pills/ Aurora Mesh Hair - FLF Exclusive pack ( 50ld/FLF)
Mask: MadPea - MadPea Bunny Masks (add me!)
From inventory: Head - LeLutka; Skin0- LAQ; Body and hands - Maitreya, Hand hud - Vista.Boots - REIGN ( old gift).

Garden tool kit: Simply Shelby - Simply Shelby Garden Accessories ( free/ Midnight Mania)
New Beginnings items: 8f8 - 8f8 New beginnings chicken camp and bunny and chickens (gacha)
From inventory: chickens - {anc} and Half+Deer; garden reek - Bowillow; Basket with weed - Red Columbia
Pictures made at: The Yorkshire Dales ( pssst were i found a 50 points egg in this henhouse )
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, April 13, 2017

creepy place ( WomenStuff Hunt)

Running around on many sims ... hunting ofcourse.....Nic suddenly was standing in this creepy place... She got a flashlight so she could find her way there. The amount of adrenaline raised high while walking around there in her dress from @AdReNaLiZeD@. But... what took her breath away was this look-a-like of herself like a sleeping doll in a vintage doll case. Beautiful but scary. So unexpected and overwhelming it was, when the light of her flashlight touched suddenly that box. In what sort of nightmare she had landed? Later on she discovered skeletons from hanged people. The look-a-like doll came alive and climbed on chairs to help the poor dead fellows down in a sort of dance macabre ( see below). Forget that egg Nic and run home!

Aren't Nic and her look-a-like adorable and sexy in those dresses from the Womenstuff hunt!
The beige dress with the boots and the Vintage doll case you get in two hunt items. The hunt items are near each other.

Red dress: @AdReNaLiZeD@ - @AdReNaLiZeD@ Juliet Red Box (WS Hunt/free)
Beige dress: DarkCandy Creations - {DC}Vintage Doll outift wsh (WS Hunt/free)
Vintage case: DarkCandy Creations - {DC} WSH BONUS (WS Hunt/free)
From inventory: Brown hair- Exile; Blond hair - DeLa; Skin - LAQ; Head - LeLutka ( bento); body and hands (Update Maitreya (bento)); chair- f8f
Pictures made at: Ironwood Hills
Bye bye, Nic wishing you a happy/ not creepy hunting

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

i can't get enough of this hunt

 Click small picture to enlarge

Again items from the MadPea Easter egg hunt. I hunted like a fool again yesterday. I am quite addicted to that hunt. Became more and more fanatic. Had also nice contacts during the hunt. For exampe with two girls. One was wearing this lovely dress in spring colors. The model is may be not extraordinary but that doesn't matter to me because the dress is elegant and has a lovely texture. And the prize is very affordable, just 40ld ( with 4 textures). She helped me also to get the shoes ( with a a hud with 45 colors and change possibilities for sole, inner sole, straps, front and back parts). The other girl was wearing this hair from Mina.
The gazebo is what i was hunting for yesterday. During the hunt i found the extraordinaire eggs from Serenity Style: the Easter bunny woods decorations ( in lavender and blue), the cute eggs box and the funny rabbit searching for a carrot in the plant pot.
To Laura Azalee many hugs because she helped me to find the hunt items at Dreamscapes Art Gallery: the potting table ( from the Spring hunt/ search a vase with a daffodil) and the crate ( i show just the upper part) and the birdhouse ( evil bunny hunt/ search a holy egg).
The cart with flowers, the bell flower, the hanging flower pots are from the gacha from Mesh India at the Cosmopolitan Sales Room.
The spring heart balloons are from Mushilu at the Season Story. Balloons for decor and for wearing (with animation).

Dress: English Rose - E*R Bliss Flowers x4 Lara Slink HourGlass (40ld)
Hair: Mina - Mina- Farah Light Blond
Shoes:-KC - -KC- Becky heels / close-up below (99ld/ was 75ld)

Decor: Gazebo: MadPea - MadPea Spring Gazebo (3000 points/ free/ need a hunt hud)
Potting Table: Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Potting Table* Hunt Edition (1ld/hunt)
Crate and birdhouse: Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Spring Crates*  and birdhouse (1ld/hunt
Balloons: Mushilu at The Seasons Story - Hearts Balloons Prints (NEW)
Easter bunny wood:Serenity Style -Serenity Style- Easter Bunnies Wood (free/Madpea Hunt)
Cute eggs Box:Serenity Style - Serenity Style- Cute Eggs Box ( free/ MadPea Hunt)
Rabbit in plant pot: Serenity Style - Serenity Style Where is my carrot (free/ MadPea Hunt)
Cart with flowers, Hanging flowers, Bell flower: Mesh India at CSR - MI Spring Flower Gacha (60ld/ each play)
Pot with crocus: *LODE* decor - *LODE* decor - crocus pot [yellow] ( old gacha)
From inventory: Chicks- Half Deer; lights in the gazebo- Pixel Mode; Quean Ann's wild flowers - heart.
Pictures made at: my home location,
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, April 10, 2017

pre Easter fun in the sun (MOH9, Madpea Hunt, BodyFy)

 Click small picture to enlarge

This is a great gift, that i found during the MadPea hunt in an extraordinaire egg at Come Soon Poses. This means that you immediately get a present, when you find this sort of egg. Watch the info here. I was happily surprise when i unpacked this prize. This swimming pool, a sort of porch with chairs and eggs and the pose is what you get. I placed there two other extraordinaire gifts from the MadPea Easter Egg Hunt: the bucket with floating eggs from [Merak] and the bunny chair from Chez Moi Furniture. The pussy willow wreath and the bunny cake are presents earned with the points from the eggs that i hunted.The mint green breakfast tray with egg and coffee is a groupgift at .::Hazeel::.
Nic is wearing a nice dress from Clef de Peau from the Midnight Madness again ( as last chance may be still available). Tjip is wearing a shirt, a cap, a necklace and an bracelet from the MOHunt 9. Both are wearing shoes from the  closing sale at Elysium. The tattoo from tjip is a gift at the BodyFy Event. Below the overview from the Come Soon Poses present.And a close-up from the wire armband necklace and nailpolish.

On Nic:
Dress: Clef de Peau - Clef de Peau.Eva dress Custard ( free Midnight Madness/ may be still last chance for you)
Hair: Truth - Truth April groupgift ( free/ groupjoin fee)
Shoes: Elysium - Elsium Asta strappy heel FATPACK ( 50ld/ closing sale)
Nails ( see below) - DaneMarkz at Designer Showcase - DMZ - Graphic Spring Eight nail (NEW)
From inventory: Bunny ears- shops gone - Head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin WoW Skins, Hands Slink

On Tjip:
T-Shirt: etham - MOH9 - etham (free/MOH9)
Bracelet:Native Urban - NU Love Bracelet -JOIN THE JOURNEY (free/MOH9)
Necklace: Obscure - Obscure - Moonlight Necklace MOH9(free/ MOH9)
Cap: [Bad Unicorn] - [Bad Unicorn] 'Fucking Unicorn' Cap (freeMOH9)
Tattoo: Pimp my Sh!t at BodyFy Event - PMS - Buzz Tattoo (free)
Wire armband: Legal Insanity - Legal Insanity  Black Barbed Wire Armband ( free/MOH9)
Sandals:  - Elysium - Elysium  George sandal (slink) - FATPACK ( 50ld /closing sale)
From inventory: Hair - Dura ; Skin- 7 Deadly Skins; towel- ::K::; Beard -[ i.mesh]; Short - American Bazaar (old gift)

Beach set: Come Soon Poses - *CS* Happy Easter Hey( rare present madpea Hunt (free)
Pink Bunny chair: Chez Moi - Bunny Wood Chair * CHEZ MOI( rare present madpea Hunt (free)
Breakfast Tray: Hazeel - .::Hazeel::. Groupgift (free)
Easter cake: MadPea - Madpea Easter cake ( 2000 points/free/ but hud needed)
Pillow: MadPea Bunny Pillows (2000 points/free/ but hud needed)
Wreath: MadPea - MadPea Pussy Willow Wreath ( 2000 points/free/ but hud needed)
Cupcakes: Madpea-  Madpea -Bunny Cupcakes (2000 points/free/ but hud needed)
Bucket with eggs: [Merak] - [Merak] - Water Bucket with Floating Eggs
Pictures taken at La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic
Click small picture to enlarge

No.. it's not tjips hand with nail polish