Thursday, October 4, 2012

chinese festival and birthday week at Chop Zuey

The ones who read my blog more will know that i love an asian sphere. So when i found this dress i immediately knew that i wanted to show it on the blog. At the moment is in Virtual Asia City a hunt going on  until 15th October. It is The Mooncake Hunt.You need find cakes around the city. It is because  the chinese celebrate the moon festival.
The hair that Nic shows is one of the gifts from that moon cake hunt from Alli&Ali. In the package is also a wild short hair.
From Paris Metro you can find a set that i once showed on this blog before. Watch here. Now you can get that nice baggy pant and the loose top for free!!
Near the cupcake with the Paris Metro gift there is a chicken food box on the table and in that box is this super sweet lightblue Asian styled dress from Sassy. Nic  wears under it a lace legging from her inventory.

The jewelry is from Chop Zuey. There are some gifts because of the 3 birth day of the shop. They have a birthday week. Nic  shows blue jewelry, but you also can get gold/brown harvest bangles, a ring and earrings for free. When you want pay the group gift fee from 350 lindens, then you get some very nice groupgifts too.

Dress: Sassy!at Virtual Asia City - General Tso's Chicken ( free)
Hair: Alli &Ali at Virtual Asia City -  Moon Festival Gift Hair, Alli&Ali Designs, (free)
Earrings: Chop Zuey - Mercy Pity Peace Love Blu Earrings ( free)
Ring: Chop Zoey - Mercy Pity Peace Love Blu Ring ( free)

Bye, bye, Nic

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Great post, just in case people would like to find info on this hunt hints etc can be found here thanks again!!

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