Monday, September 3, 2012

warm colors of Africa and the Summer Harvest Hunt( part 5)

Warm african colors. And warm fall colors.  This new top from LeRazz has the warm african colors. I love it. See the african pattern and the snake pattern. Such a good combination.
And on the next pictures i show you warm colors from the Summer Harvest Hunt  again.

See those warm colors and the beautiful textures. I showed the skirt before, but so close you can see the quality of the texture. And watch that paperbag! Even that one has such a realistic texture. The ring is is actually  a lip piercing, but i attached it to my hand and  made it bigger. The lippiercings and necklaces are from ellabella. The top is a long top from Gawk. You also can wear it as a dress.The bolero is part of the womens gift at Has Been. There is also a mens gift there.

Top: LeRazz - [LeRazz] Belle Top - Africa (Rigged Mesh)
Skirt: Happy Undead - SHH - 28 - Happy Undead ( free)
Top: Gawk - Gawk! Brown Long Tank Top - Exclusive for TheSummerHarvestHunt ( free)
Bolero: Has Been - Has Been - SHH Womens Gift
Jewelry: ellabella - S*H*H - 7*4 - .:ellabella:. (free)
From inventory: Hair - Analaog Dog (Mizu); Boots - Maitreya

Bye bye, Nic

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Fledge said...

Oooh you look beautiful, I love that African top I think I must get it! And the hunt necklace :) Those are gorgeous photos, all the warm soft lighting and colours, drenched in sunlight.

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