Wednesday, September 19, 2012

couple in gray and red

Long time i have not been in the DeLa shop. Traveling through SL i met a girl with very nice hair. Ofcourse i asked her in what shop she bought her hair. And to my surprise she said at DeLa. And what did i saw when arrived there? A part of the shop with many super nice mesh hairs. Clothings from DeLa always were a bit expensive, but the hairs have normal prizes. So Nic was happy and bought these.
Her dress is from ISON. First you could buy the dress on the vintage fair, but now you can get this  stylish dress in the ISON shop.
Tjip, as i told you before, should go to the closing sale at Muism ( ends today!). The grey pants with the wide belt are so cool and had an affordable prize now. The super boots near the pants were still too expensive for tjip. But the free boots from Gabriël still have tjips appreciation.
The grey tank and the red checkered bermuda are groupgifts at Zenith.

Nic wears:
Dress: ISON - ISON - shift blazer dress (black)
Hair Nic: DeLa - =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Naomi" Browns
From inventory: necklace- Creamshop ( shop gone); shoes - Maitreya ( verve)

Tjip wears:
Pants: Muism - *Muism* Cargo shorts_Grey
Bermuda: Zenith - =Zenith=Sweater Jacket & Pants (Group Gift)(free)
Tank: Zenith - =Zenith=Beach Boy Wear (Group Gift)(free)
From inventory: Boots - Gabriël; Blouse part of outfit from Ydea ( old groupgift)

Bye bye, Nic

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