Thursday, September 20, 2012

dress for a party

Dancer Nitely ( who gives me more good tips)  told me about this free dress and the hair. The dress is from Paty. The hair is from a hunt at HairArt. You get a total outfit with the name fleur de lis and the hair is included. You need search a box. Tip: upstairs behind the subscribe-o-matic. Easy!!!
The white flowers are an ornament that belongs to the dress.There are also red long gloves in the package. But i liked to combine it with lace gloves from my inventory. The total look i gave a bit a classical touch taking the pictures near my piano.
I can recommend that piano. It is from *Second Way*  piano's. Dutch design and very very good. Go here.

Dress: Paty - **Paty Scala Special Gift**( free)
Hair: HairARt - Fleur de Lis huntgift ( free)
From inventory: lace gloves

Bye bye, Nic


Fledge said...

Oooo la la! Very beautiful and seductive. I must go pick those up, thanks for the tipoff!

Fledge said...

Aww I think the hunt is already over, I can't find anything not even a hunt sign ;.;

Nicandra Laval said...

Such a pity for you Fledge. I checked it and yes it is already gone that hunt gift ( the hair). So sorry i didn't know for how long it was in the shop.
But the dress you still can get at the Paty shop.

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