Friday, September 14, 2012

day and night and more

Day and night men need to dress up good. A man who chooses his clothings with care is a pleasure for women ( and men ;)) I am happy to discover i got men followers, because i regularly also do posts for men. The range of mens clothings is not as huge as the range for womens clothings. At least in terms of what i like. I like a sporty look. And i like a good look for going out or special feastly occasions.

Today i found these two not mesh looks. Some not mesh looks are too flat and ugly, but these could have my appreciation. Just i had a struggle with the pant sculpts of the grey pants to make them fit well. A typical non mesh problem. Both looks are groupgifts at Urban Republic Co.
The first look comes with a skin ( not showed here). The skin has a short beard and gives a latino impression. The sunglasses are also in the package.

There are 2 midnight mania boards near the groupgifts.We need only 30 to click to get it. Please help because tjip wants those midnight mania gifts. Today it is an complete outfit with baseball cap. With the other  midnight mania board we can get a male skin.

Day look: Urban Republic Co. -  URCO-512-GG-OUTFIT-(skin included)( free)
Night look: Urban Republic Co. - URCO-LdO prL Outfit ( free)
From inventory: Boots- Duh! ( showed before) ; Chucks -Santo ( showed before).

And here more:

Look at those shoes. I love them. They are from the crickets groupgift. On the picture also the leather pants and the shirt from that groupgift. Pants not very good  detailed. The vest is in the september groupgift from Gizza.

Pants, shirt and shoes: Crickets - Crickets "Dougie" Outfit ( free)
Vest: Gizza  - Part of GizzA - September Group Gift [Male] (free)

Bye bye, Nic

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Rudhmellowen said...

HERE HERE NIC... Men that dress well are definitely much more interesting to make a girl look twice!

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