Sunday, September 23, 2012

the macaques

Nic takes you with her on a trip to Japan to show you the macaques. Japanese macaques live initially only in Japan, Honshu, Shikoku, Kyushu, nearby islands and on Yaku in the Ryukyu Islands.
The winters in the mountains of Honshu can be very severe, with temperatures down to -20 ° C. In the high plains of Shiga, at 1500 meters altitude, are natural hot springs that temperatures of 40-60 ° C is achieved. These hot springs are several times a day visited by groups of Japanese macaques, in the water swimming pools or along the edge until the animals again heated. Young animals play around a lot these sources. They jump into the water, or make snowballs.

Last year i saw on tv a documentary from BBC earth life about these macaques. They showed the mighty macaques sitting comfortable in the warm water, but the not so mighty ones nearly freezing to death on the edge of the springs. They were not allowed to come in the water through the mighty monkeys! It was quite sad to see this.

Nic made her fotoshoot near hot water spring bathes and the macaques to show you her historic Japanese hairstyle from the historic hairdos Hunt. That hunt ended at 15september, but this one you can still pick up in the shop. So run before they take the hair roller ( the hunt item) away.
We all know for example the famous Rococo hair style or Cleopatra's hairdo.  Nic shows you the hair that is famous for Geisha's. The hair ornaments i recolored a bit to yellow ( the hair that you get is with blue and pink ornaments) to make  a good match with the mini kimono from B@r rose. I couldn't find back this kimono. But in the freebie corner from B@r rose you can pick up other nice mini kimono's.

I also wanted to show you a gorgeous picture from the rococo hair. The picture is made by Whisper Stella. Her blog's name is: Stalk my blog. Watch here for more fabulous pictures. The hunt is over but you can get this hair now for 100ld in the Entrophy shop.

Hair Nic: kisetsu - Historic Hair Hunt Gifts ( 1ld)
Hair on Whisper: Entrophy Designs - STALK MY SHOP - squishy Antoinette hair ( 100ld)
From inventory: Kimono B@r Rose

Bye bye Nic

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