Monday, September 10, 2012

a long story

Tjip and Nic in new clothings. It is always nice to prove that with not so much money your avatar can look very well.

There is a discussion going on at the facebook page of Hoorenbeek. A shop with very good quality stuff. The discussion is about this, what the designer of Hoorenbeek said:
"There is a new blogger in town. Let's face it: There are too many bloggers out there. TOO many. The thing that annoys me most is that some are just in the business to get free stuff. I know, i know - not all of them are like that!
But, again, there are too many, to be honest, it's kind of all the same. If you know what i mean". He follows by saying: "Some years ago, we had bloggers like Ben Vanguard, Oscar Page and Perry Proudhon that realy knew how to do their job. Those bloggers were good very  good because they WRITE about the productts". "Lately we have been approached by some bloggers who are starting to change the game. Especially this new blogger from Oxford, England, BlaiseJoshua, creator of the blog: everysecondman ".

I disagree on how a blog ought to be. I think every blogger can do what he wants. I know many very creative bloggers for example in the group that every week join the 52 weeks of color challenge. They don't always make reviews about what they show. But some are very  creative writers and thinkers and top photographers. 
And i disagree about what he says about the freebie bloggers. I am such a blogger and i am NOT doing this to just get free stuff. I do this because, i like to help people find nice quality stuff. Some people can't affford to buy the high prized clothings. Then i am happy to tell them when a designer has sale or put something special in a hunt.
I do this: To show nice combinations with it. To help the designers so that people find their way to their shops ( It is advertisement). To make pictures that i like ( and i hope others like too). To show nice surroundings. To make sometimes stories. I do this because it is so fun to do. I am enjoying this very much.

I think everyone has a reason to blog. A personal reason and it is important to respect that. And ofcourse  we have blogs we prefer and the blogs we don't prefer. So let it be. The diversity of all the people in the world, make the word rich and a better place. Don't push people to do what you want. It will reduce their creativity. And creativity is what is important to get good and fabulous designs, isn't it Ansor Hoorenbeek

At the end i want say. I totally agree with Ansor Hoorenbeek about the blog from Blaise. I can highly recommend his blog. I happened to meet Blaise before i read the Hoorenbeek notecard and blog. I love his blog, because he writes in such a typical British way in my opinion. His reviews are sometimes humourous. 
And last but not least i also love  the quality of Hoorenbeek clothings. I say this totaly sincere. ( i am not on the Hoorenbeel bloggers list hehe) 

Back to what i show. As said before. With free or not so expensive stuff you can create a beautiful look.
The shirt and tee from tjip gives me a "Hilfiger feeling" ( what ever that is ). It is from SG Fashion. Where all is 10ld. There is a shop for males, for females and a jewelry shop. I was surprised it is all still there and not totally without persons. Saw some chippendale boys there. They discussed what was an "over the top look" and what not. Funny to follow.

Nic shows the promo skirt from LeRazz on marketplace and combined it with the not so expensive top from Redgrave at marketplace. Love the back part and loose style. You also can buy a red one with a butterfly motiv on the backside.
The hair is a new promo from A&A on marketplace. Promo ends on 8th november.
The orange bead necklace and earrings i once got when standing long time in the Purple Moon shop. They have a present giver there. When you hang around there, you sometimes are the lucky one to get something.

Shirt and tee Tjip: SG - -SG- Dendi Shirt & Tank BluW (many colors available)( 10ld)
Loose tank top Nic: Redgrave - !MESH - Loose-Tanktop Vintage - Dark - REDGRAVE (99ld)
Hair Nic : A&A - A&A Miley Hair Darkbrown, (free)
Skirt: LeRazz - [LeRazz] Sailor Skirt - Dots (Rigged Mesh) (fat pack 25ld during the month september)
All the rest is from inventory or i showed it before

Aren't they cute. Nic with her beanie and tjip with the black version of the shirt set. Nice beanies you can get at Hermony.

Pfff what a long story, Nic


Fledge said...

Really good post about what is important to blogging - I agree with you 100%! I think what Hoorenbeek is really bothered about is that with all the blogs around, not so many people will all follow the same blog, even if it is a great one. So stores cannot rely on a few good bloggers to get the word out. So they lose the power of advertisement through blogging! Well tough luck, it's the name of the game isn't it ;) Maybe they should start working with their bloggers, on a truly symbiotic level - not just handing out free goods but actually advertising the bloggers in their stores, so they can get more readers.

Nicandra Laval said...

very good idea Fledge: "advertising the bloggers in their store".. may be tell this at the face book page from Hoorenbeek too.

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