Friday, September 7, 2012

feast ... fab free 5 years


Fabulous free in sl group has it's 5th years anniversary. Congrats Renée Lowenhart and all the others. The fab free blog started 6 september 2007 and the group started 30 september 2007. Their hunt now is from 6th september till 30th september therefore. Whenever i have a question about something i can't find back or something i am looking for, i always ask it in this group. And always people react and help. Fabulous! A great group with nice people. Renée is doing a good job all those years. More the 20 thousand members are in that group now. I found the group because i was interested in finding free stuff in sl for the free style group from Creamy Cooljoke. And because i wanted to be informed very well,  i came upon this group. Just as simple as that.

Now about the hunt. The hunt is called Finding FabFree, because everyone has his story about how he or she found that group. 131 designers  have a present in this hunt. I show you  a very feastly combination, that i put together with FabFree Hunt gifts. You need to find a "5".

Just the necklace and earrings are from lucky board for groupmembers of the WTG group. I joined that group( costed some lindens) but it is good one.
The bag came from my inventory (old hunt gift ). The bangles i showed you yesterday on the blog.

Shirt and pants: Amour Signature -  Amour Signature - Katherine MESH Outfit - FabFree Hunt Gift(free)
(hint: in the right corner/ but it is very dark and bad to find)
Shoes: Baby Monkey - BM Ultimate Sirena Leather Scarlet ( free)
(hint: on the table near the lucky boards)
Earrings and Necklace: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ **Autumn Leaf** set Midnight Mania prize BOX
From inventory: Bangles ( see post before this one); Hair - D!va (Sayaka2)

Happy hunting.
Oh and psst 2 nice skins in that hunt from Envy Me ( look down on the wall near the ground / white on white ( hard to find)) and Rockberry ( on the counter), but i am so attached to my old skin from LAQ

Happy hunting, Nic

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