Saturday, February 25, 2012

may i invite you with a pizza to see my dandelions?

YEAHH pizza! Nic is in the pizza shop. First enjoying a slice of pizza before going home with a box with pizza. Back home she changed her dress. More Dandelion coloured it is now ;). But the good thing is, that i can show you the Dandelion pictures, that are hanging on my wall. Close-ups from Dandelions. As long as i have my sl home, they are hanging there. Beautiful in my opinion.

Nic shows 2 dresses from Nectar. The red one is the groupgift of that shop. The dandelion coloured one is the Womenstuff Hunt gift. Both mesh dresses. I love the roses on them and the way i can show my naked shoulders. I wear the hair from the other dandelion post( scroll down)
The pizza box and pizza pieces are free on sl marketplace.

Red dress: Nectar - [N!] Feb. 2012 Group Gift ( free)
Dandelion Dress ;): Nectar - WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #60 [ Nectar! ](free)
Pizza: - ZEON - [ZEON] Pizza launcher v5 ( free)
From inventory: Shoes- Ys&Ys
Post made for: Luna Jubilee 52 weeks of color challenge blog. Please scroll down to see the other Dandelion post.

Bon Appetit, Nic


Pink Sommerfeld said...

Love those cute dresses! You really have a pretty avatar, Nic!

Asia Romano said...

you look great, and yum yum pizza :)

Ygrey Auer said...

Love both dresses! Cute pics!

Red Glenwalker said...

Amazing dresses and fine idea with pizza =)

Moniq said...

You make me go hunting now, I want that dress! <3

Jasmine Ballinger said...

Dandelions are nice, but now I want pizza more.

Fun post this week!

Sama Yalin said...

Mmm pizza... I wish I wasn't on a diet :(

That dress is lovely! *runs to the shop*

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