Sunday, September 30, 2012

hamster flashmob doing Gangnam Style dance

The first time that i read about Gangnam Style ( big hit from the Korean sanger PSI with a dance) was on Danafs blog. I saw how many people like the dance and the song on you tube 328531881people watched the offical video. Have a look here.
After that, i found sunglasses with the Gangnam dance animation. And then, when i was at the Arcade Gatcha Event there was this cute coincidence. All the hamster avatars near the Gatcha machine had also those sunglasses and we did the Gangnam Style dance together. So funny. It was like a flash mob. A flash mob for those who don't know what it is, here a short explanation: A flashmob is a (large) group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, they come together, something unusual occurs and then quickly disintegrates. Flashmobs are usually organized through modern means of communication such as the internet. The number of participants is not known in advance, the more participants, the more successful the flashmob. They often dance to music.

Outside the Arcade event building i portraited Nic so you can see her outfit

Sunglasses: Gangnam_Dance (free / lucky board)
Sweater and  shorts: X*plosion - *X*plosion Tropical Mesh Outfit (BlackRed+Gore)
Scarf: tb at Arcade gatcha event - -tb- wrapped scarf - plaid ( 100ld)
From inventory: stockings and shirt - Paradisis (streetgirl); Boots - Maitreya ( Soho)

Bye bye, Nic


Anonymous said...

Super post Nic ! Luv those hamsters LOL ^•^

Alexandra said...

ha ha ha ha, love it 1

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