Sunday, September 2, 2012

car crash (Summer Harvest Hunt part 2)

Look at that sad view in those beautiful eyes. Nic just had an accident with her car. First reaction: leaning backwards in total denial. Then she realizes what happened. In despair she leans forward.
Stepping out of the car to have  a look. Hmmmm thinking she can may be fix it. And at the end she kicks that stupid car. Good way to express your feelings Nic.

Well anyway.... she is wearing her new top from the Summer Harvest Hunt. Those mesh eyes are also from that hunt as well as the beautiful mesh hair. It comes with a color hud so you can choose what you want. The black pants and boots are gifts from the Blueberry store group. Showed them before.

Top: Intrepid - S-H-H - 3.5 - :: Intrepid Designs :: ( SHH/free)
Hair: Alice project -  SHH - 65 - ALICE PROJECT
Eyes: Mayfly - SHH - 12 - Mayfly (free)
From inventory: Pants and boots - Blueberry group; Bag - Fishy Strawberry

After all this will be here new car. Not bad isn't it?

Happy hunting, Nic

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Fledge said...

lol I am constantly crashing my cars in SL - once I drove it up a tree! I was very proud of myself when I got the whole way around a race track, in high gear, and only crashed when I got back to the start (into a signpost!) That is another very pretty top :)

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