Saturday, September 22, 2012

just a cozy saturday morning with the dog

This is just a cozy saturday morning shoot. Nic playing with her cute puppy.  Showing you her new shoes. The shoes are the groupgift from Gabriël. This kind of shoes you can slip on easy and fast when leaving home going in the garden or for driving your car. Same cozy feeling gives the jeans and the blouse. Nic's puppy is trying to attract her attention, but she is posing for the blog. She shows you on the grass a free pose from the sale at MiaMai.
Nic can't resist the pup and yes... ofcourse there he gets what he want. On her arm again for a hug.
And don't forget to go to +9 products for 2 sets of nice poses. You see one of the poses on the picture from Nic with the cat ( scroll). ( 2 sets of 6 very cute poses)

Shoes: Gabriël - ::GB::Driving shoes BROWN
Poses: +9 products +9 poses - Waiting him in vain and +9 poses - Should surely you come ( free)
Beagle: Zooby's - Pettable Beagle Pup
Dress: Hucci - ::HH:: Hucci Group Gift Calvi & Dallas
From inventory: Hair - Elika(Soft); Blouse- Paris Metro ( old gift);Necklace -Donna Flora ( posted before); Jeans - mon tissu

Later on this other cutie wanted Nic's attention. On the picture Nic wears the new subscribe-o-matic gift  from Hucci. Don't know how long it will be there hurry up. It is always just a short time there.
Have a wonderful relaxed weekend, Nic

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