Sunday, September 2, 2012

American football

The field is still empty. But Nic is there already to support her team. No just joking.Totally ignorant i am about American Football. But this openingsgift from Paisley Daisy has something to do with it ;). Joeylin opened this weekend her 2 brand new shops. This is the openingsgift. Just 1 day there so hurry up!When in the USA the football event starts then may be you can get it again for free. And in between normal prize on sl marketplace.
Her shop is located opposite to the Tokid shop at the Camomile sim.
Second shop is located in  a new mall. Premiere Mall store at the Sunbust estate sim.
I hope the cap is from the same team. Hope i didn't make a terrible mistake. But i think it is making the set complete. From inventory i took old hair from Exile (Kyanna)because of the sporty style. Don't know if it is still in the shop. Also from inventory is the bag from Pelleteria Morresey.

Dress: Paisley daisy - ROLL TIDE MESH DRESS GIFT ( free 1 day)
Cap: IntouChaBle - *Cap II_IntouChaBle_Atlanta Red/* ( 99ld)
From inventory: jeans Maitreya ( skinny zipper)

Bye bye, Nic

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