Monday, September 17, 2012

look at what i've got now

I know this is partly the same as the post before this one, but it has a reason. The mustard top of the jacket and the boots fit so well with what i've got now from C'est la vie! The first  anniversary memorial gift. Congrats Larcoco and Kitt Ragu. You both did a great job. I thought the shop existed much longer. I love the pattern of that jacket. And the soft sarrouel pants with the braces hanging down make it such a cool outfit.

And what happened when i was making pictures? There he was again Porco the movie maker in his summer outfit from Gizza now.
[06:29] Nicandra Laval: sunny look
[06:29] Nicandra Laval: great
[06:29] Porcorosso Ackmann: I do various styles
[06:29] Porcorosso Ackmann: yes
[06:29] Porcorosso Ackmann: Japan is still hot
[06:30] Porcorosso Ackmann: It is the lingering summer heat
[06:30] Porcorosso Ackmann: This style is just right.

And here i show him to you.

On Nicandra
Pants and jacket: C'est la Vie! - ::K:: 1st Anniversary Memorial Gift  1 and 2 ( both 1 ld)
For the rest watch the post before this one.

On Porcorosso:
Outfit with hat: Gizza - !GizzA - Summer Male Outfit - Beach
Hair: Uw. St. - Uw.7R Anku-Hair
Shoes: Gabriël: - ::GB:: MESH BOAT Shoes ( white) ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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Beautiful post Nicandra <333

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