Sunday, September 2, 2012

Masai Mara

I am proud to announce the opening of MASAI MARA, The Solidarity Store. About 40 brands are helping  with the wonderful project to raise funds for an ngo called "Kibera Youth Initiative", that currently is helping MAMA TUNZA's Children Home, in Nairobi (Kenya). The brands, selling their items (some exclusive, some new and other discounted) give the total or a half of the sales to the ngo, just trying to help this wonderful woman and her children.These boys and girls are from the streets of Nairobi, with no parents, no family, some of them with AIDS and other diseases, and this woman take them as her own children and cares, loves and feeds. They live in very poor conditions, they need our help.
So, if you want to help these children and support the cause, please, come to Masai Mara and take a look, with every purchase you will colaborate with them.

When you look around at that beautful made sim, you also can hear very nice music!

Nic shows you a super set From Joeylin (from Paisley Daisy). The colors are so warm and the pattern beautiful etnic. Love it and highly recommend it to you.

Total etnic set: Paisley daisy for Masai Mara - joeys mesh wild shag jungle complete outfit ( 50% for good purpose)

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Fledge said...

Wow awesome dress and sim, I must check that out! Your hair is fabulous too.

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