Monday, September 17, 2012

rain will come soon

Three things  i want to inform you about.
First Muism has final closing sale. I can't believe that they will leave sl. Always such a pity when well-known shops with high quality stuff  close their virtual doors. But as my fellow blogger Blaisejoshua  says on his blog: they're having a store wide sale ( till september 19th)  so it's a chance to pick yourself up a few bargains (opportunism). And the best is to enjoy it then ( hedonism in terms of Blaise) in my opinion. Tomorrow tjip will go and grab what he likes. Now it is affordable. Before the sale they were a bit expensive. May be the reason that they didn't sell enough and close. Or is mesh the reason? I think shops close while the designers not want or can make the change to design in mesh. Should be interesting to know the reason Muism closes. And why for example doesn't Aoharu come with new designs? Also because of mesh? No they released mesh.
For this post i put on my pirateboots from Muism that i got some time ago on a sale at the Euphoria mall. I recolored them to match with the jacket. That brings us at the second info. The jacket and the leggings are free at JAVA Fashion designs. You can find it at the second floor. This years color is mustard. When i well understood the notecard, they do every year another color.
And then info three. The necklace and earrings of WTG. You need not be in the group to get these. Just go there with seven people and hit the mini mania. When the max is reached someone will get the present. Just wait a bit and there is a new round  with a new chance. Have luck.
And this one i added for the bag lover. Just got the bag from the gatcha machine at Arcade Gatcha event. The Arcade event is a widely anticipated event. It is a quarterly,  which will reoccur on September, December, March, and June. September being their first collection!  The event starts on the 15 and ends on the 15 of the following month, sooo October! There are over 70 brands participating, and each designer has at liberty the permissions & prices per gacha!
And ups this was info number four ;)

Jacket with leggings: JAVA Fashion Designs - Find a cure 2012 ( free)
Boots: Muism - *Muism* Pirate boots
Earrings: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ **Autumn Purple** ear-pierces minimania prize ( free)
Necklace: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ **Autumn Purple** necklace mini mania prize (free)
Bag: ufo at Arcade Gatcha Event -  ::{u.f.o}::shoulder motor bag - leopard(50ld gatcha)
From inventory; hair EMOtions; Umbrella- G&N Quality Design

Bye bye, Nic
p.s. Thanks Dancer for tips.

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