Wednesday, September 12, 2012

on the treshold of the beach home

Oh i discovered that i  totally had forgotten to post this one.I am late and therefore you already could see it on many blogs, but i still like to post it. And the dresses and shoes are still available.
The beach babes again on the beach, where they did another fotoshoot for dresses last time. The place is called: Arcachon Atlantique. Nice spot for making pictures.
Nic and tjip show their new dresses. Good for a warm summer evening. Both are from hunts. Nic's silky dress is from the Summer Harvest Hunt. The pattern on Nic's dress gives an asian impression. The summer dress from tjip is so sunny and colorful. Love the neck part of it. Little help to find the "5": when you land at the entrance walk right and on the corner right, then near the window.
Both ladies wear their pumps from little.dirty secrets (from the FabFree hunt). Showed before in another post, but so you can see more colors. And i was glad to see how good they match with the new dresses.

Dress tjip: Sassy- ~Sassy!~ Jubilee dress - Finding FabFree Hunt Gift ( free)
Dress Nicandra: : Valentina E - V.e. Bird Dress & Hat  (free)
Shoes: dirty.little. secrets ( showed already here)
From inventory: hair Tjip - Amacci. Hair Nic - Analog Dog

Bye bye< Nic

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