Sunday, June 17, 2012

special meeting and skins

Walking through second life you meet all sorts of people. Today i had a very special meeting. I complimented Alehandrita about her nice outfit and hair. She kindly told me were she found all. Then i told her about this blog and then a big aha came from her. I show you our conversation:

[05:11] Nicandra Laval: here is my blog
[05:12] alehandrita: u kidding me....
[05:12] alehandrita: let me tell u a story
[05:12] alehandrita: one day i was just looking at some pics on internet
[05:12] alehandrita: and i see this blog
[05:12] alehandrita: Karina was writting then ( note from Nic:Karina Larkham was the one who started this blog)
[05:12] alehandrita: i think she left sl ( note from Nic: yes Karina long time didn't write here, i even don't know her or ever talked with her, i joined the blog because Nereisse asked me))

[05:13] alehandrita: and i liked so much the pictures
[05:13] alehandrita: that i joined sl
[05:13] alehandrita: :D
[05:13] Nicandra Laval: oh realy^^
[05:13] alehandrita: and Karina helped me at the begining
[05:13] alehandrita: with some outfits
[05:13] Nicandra Laval: and now you meet me ( and i am writing now most of the time on this blog)

[05:13] alehandrita: yeees
[05:13] alehandrita: wow

And now about the clothings. I knew the cardigan already that Alehandrita was wearing. But she told me about her top, her skirt, her hair and some skins. I show you two skins she pointed me at. The first skin Nic wears is from Hush, the june groupgift. And the skin on the last picture is from WoW skins at the Summer Fashion Festival. The lips of the skins are not what you see because i liked to wear the lip make-up from Fishy Strawberry that i bought at the dressing room some time ago.

Skin1: Hush - [Hush] Skin - June (Sneek Peek) Juliette (free)
Skin 2: Wow Skins - SFF Gift ( free)
Hair: Maitreya - Maitreya Siobhan (Mesh) * Browns Dark (New!)
Top: Kyoot - Maitreya Siobhan (Mesh) * Browns Dark
Skirt: Leezu - [LeeZu!] O`LaLa Micro Jeans Skirt /blue ink
Shoes: Gabriël - ::GB:: Stone  Sandals (Brown)* ( free)
Cardigan: LeLutka - [LeLutka]-FLOW cardigan/tan
From inventroy: eyeshadow and lashes - Blacklace; lipgloss- Fishy Strawberry; Bag- mon tissu: necklace - NCparis Fashion

Thanks Alehandrita for inspiring me, Nic

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