Friday, June 29, 2012

Artemis or Diana or Artume?

The goddess of the hunt in the long dress with shoes ( with hud) from Alb Dream Fashion, a groupgift from the Lamu group again!!! . Her favorite weapons are bows and arrows. Also, she is often depicted with a deer, an animal that is very dear to her. An important feature of the goddess is that she always wants to remain a virgin, she was the guardian of chastity. She is the mistress of the virgin forests and wild animals.
Many pictures because it was so much fun to make shoots.

Dress: ALB CARIBA gown wearable DEMO - MESH by AnaLee Balut ( go to info and notices of the LAMU group) ( free)
Bow: Alika Sao- Bow of the cobra ( from inventory)
Hair: Tameless: Tameless Hair Cat - Blacks and Whites
Earring: Eluzion - ELUZION * Alondra Earrings ( 5ld)

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