Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Summertime together. Tjip and Nic in summer outfits. Tjip with a bermuda from Marketplace. Found by Soraya ( danke Maus fuer tip) The top from Tjip is from I Aleida I. At the moment the closing sale at Aleida is still going on. In a corner outside you still can get some old groupgifts. The yellow top from tjip is part of such an old groupgift. Tjip bought new hair at UncleWeb Studio.
Nicandra wears her groupgift jacket from Tokid.  You have to pay to join the group. But as you can see in older posts of this blog the groupgifts are nice. Nicandra wears beautiful blue flipflops , a groupgift at J's. J's has a new location.

Bermuda tjip: Titus Yoshikawa - Folden Short XDREZ Green ( 5ld)
Hair: Uw. St. - [Uw.st -7R-]    Fox-Hair    Meteor
Top tjip: I Aleida I male gift for him ( free)
Sandals tjip: FBI - FREE-gift-black-white-sandals ( free)
Jacket Nic: Tokid - (TokiD) spring jacket (Group Gift)
Flipflops: J's - J's gift flip-flap For Ladys ( free)
Nic's other clothings and hair are mentioned in earlier posts. Necklace was a gift from old friend Luki

Bye bye , Nic

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