Sunday, June 24, 2012

again hurry!!

Last day of the Summer Fashion Festival. When you like this lovely lace dress then hurrry up and grab the icecream at AsHmOoT.
The bra is from Insolence. Insolence moved! "After 6 years of a wonderful creative experience, time has come for me to head to other horizons" the designer camilla Yosuke writes. But she didn't want her work to disappear for good ! She had so many wonderfull feedback on her lingerie line, and put that much passion in creating it, that she still want it to stay alive within the SL world, so she moved everything into a tiny outlet near the Free Dove. (For oldies in sl well-known i think).
Starting from now, the whole Isolence lingerie line is available in the little store in Galii.: Everything has been set to 50% price for the WHOLE MONTH OF JUNE, as a welcome gift to that new place.

First picture the leather skirt is a groupgift at Fanatik.

Skirt: Fanatik - :FANATIK: VIP gift June 2012 ( free)
Dress: AsHmOoT - AsHmOoT_Carola_Minidress_Peach ( free)
Bra: Insolence- part of INSOLENCE Jade white 
Hair: **DP**yumyum -  *barberyumyum*18/black

Bye bye, Nic

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