Sunday, June 3, 2012

two excuses to buy something

Yes two excuses for buying something expensive. I found this hair from the Mesh Around hunt and tried the hud with many colour possibilities. Ended up with the brown hair with the orange/ reddish streaks. And then it happened. I remembered this awesome set from Gabriel. Must fit so well with this hair i thought. And excuse number one was born. Huried up to the shop and there  ofcourse was in doubt. Shall i buy or not. saw the  nice colours. This in my opinion cognac/ brown one has the name orange. And there was  born my excuse number two. I bought the set in orange because of the upcoming european football championship. Orange is the Dutch national colour. You can already see flags and orange coloured houses  everywhere here. My house isn't in orange colours, but this is my first small tribute ;). And a good excuse.
Tip to find the hair: search near the azalea a sculpt dark blue colored "M"

Hair: Alice Project - MA - #5 - ALICE PROJECT ( mesh) (free)
Leather set: Gabriël - ::GB::MESH Leather Suit(ORANGE)
Sandals: Gabriël - ::GB:: Stone  Sandals (Brown)* ( free - old groupgift but still there)
Tattoo: see post from yesterday ( for nature lovers)

Bye bye , Nic

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