Sunday, June 17, 2012

summer in warm yellow and unmellow yellow

Hmmm it had to be unmellow yellow for Luna's Color Challenge..but mine is more sunflower yellow, but i am happy with this warm yellow. The unmellow yellow is lighter more lemon like. Well okay okay the next look is the more fresh unmellow yellow, fresh and sporty look. Love it too.

I will explain to you why i did two looks. First made the picture shoot with the light yellow shirt from Indie Rose from my inventory. Discovered later that it isn't available in the shop. Wrote the designer. She promised  me that she " may be" will put it again in the shop. But she was on her work at the moment. So i still hope she will find time to put it there for you, because i think it is a lovely shirt. Love the collar!! The overall is an oldie from en Svale. Always loved it and still love it. It makes the yellow shirt sporty. So i added my sportshoes.

Then kit Pizzicato released his summer wear. And  i love it ( see earlier post too). A yellow pants is in it and that is the one on the sunflower pictures. Soft pants in mesh realy super. I combined it with the white tank also from  chronokit. Then went for jewelry. Found the leather bracelet with the yellow stone ( enlarge picture for better view) and the tibetan mantra bangles. The yellow flower on my breast is from Lagyo ( gift from 2011 but still in the shop). The turquoise ring is from Tentacio at the June Festival. In cupcakes on the festival you can find many presents. Go and see it.
The heels are in yellow in the Midnight Mania at Baby Monkey, but i had no time to wait. Pssst also a nice mesh dress in the midnight mania there. Please go all there so we can get them. But the silver ones  that Nic wears are from the TOSL second birthday hunt. Find a small bag near the Marnie shoes vendor. It is with menu. You can choose to wear it with or without the charm anklets and choose the colour of the ring and nails. So ofcourse i choosed a yellow tone.
Later found the cute scarf in Tosl hunt at Izzie's, shown on the last picture with sunflowers. all colours are in the package.
Sunflowers and a strawbag means SUMMER too me.

Sunflower picture:
Pants: Chronokit - *chronokit* Culottes Sarrouel Pants Yellow
Tank: Chronokit - *chronokit* Tanktop02 Plain White
Ring: *Tentacio*  - *Tentacio* gift ( free)
Flower on breast: LaGyo - LaGyo Summer 2011 gift - Leilani corsage ( free)
Heels: Baby Monkey - BM Ultimate Marnie Silver ( free)
Jewelry: Yak &Yeti - Yak & Yeti * Tibetan Jewellery * Bracelet Collection ( free)
Jewelry: Yak &Yeti - Yak & Yeti * Tibetan Jewellery * Buddhist Collection ( free)
Bag: {mon tissu} - {mon tissu} Straw Tote Bag - Natural
Make-up with lashes: BlackLace - ~Blacklace Beauty~ Radiance Shadows Group Gift June12 ( groupjoin 50ld)
Scarf: Izzie's - Izzie's - Little Silk Scarf ( free)

Sporty Outfit:
Hair: Dura - *Dura*The 2nd year Anniversary hair (free)
Salopette: en Svale - **en Svale** Salopette(stripe)
Top: Indie Rose - **INDIE ROSE*~ Subo Group Gift April-May ( hope she will put it again in the shop)
Sport shoes: Plausible Body - PB >> Sport Yellow (free  or open prize)

Wish you a sunny sunday, Nic


YvetteDonner said...

omg, that top from Indie Rose is so CUTE! I hope she puts it out again. As always, Nic, you are adorable :)

Ygrey Auer said...

Love sunflower pics. Great work!

Laura Streeter said...

Aww they are both very cute! SO wants your sandals!!

Rudhmellowen said...

Such cute looks... I love the pics of you in the sunflowers!!!

Alexandra said...

Nice !

Anichka Savira said...

So pretty!

Sama Yalin said...

Two cute outfits! Really well done :)

Anonymous said...

Both outfits are so cute! The pics with the sunflowers are my fave.

Asia Romano said...

Such bright beautiful pics :)

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