Friday, June 29, 2012

transparent in the evening

[04:07] Irischka Hotshot: for those that don't get messages lol.. ( like me :/)
Hello Sweets.. new items at iren+ groupgift. This im is what i just got. i am in the IREN group ( cost a little bit) and i did run to the shop to get it and show you. It is not on the wall with the groupgifts but another wall, look for a pink vendor.
This dress is so cute and elegant. Super for dancing in the evening. Love  the simplicity of it. And transparent is so sexy.

Dress: Iren - [Iren] Transparent dress-Groupgift ( free, fee group join)
For hair and Earring see the other post from today.

Have fun and run, Nic

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