Thursday, June 7, 2012

casual time

Nic loves to wear casual clothings. The new groupgift from Crickets is a set that gives a very relaxed  feeling. I have the impression that many Mesh designers use the same template. Already got all sorts of this sleeveless blouse, but from this one i like the colours very much. From the torn shorts i love the red detail.
Nic was sitting in the spring sun and as you may be know you easily get freckles then. Hope you can see them on the pictures. It is a freckles tattoo layer that i once got on a hunt at Ys&Ys. When you love freckled skins and the skins are expensive, then a freckles tattoo or make up layer is a good way to fulfill your wishes. Click the picture to enlarge.

And a casual sweater, that i found, i show you too. Last week i long time searched for this hunt item at Loop and didn't succeed. But yeahhhh now i found it. It is from the MOH2 hunt. So hurry up, the hunt will end soon.

First outfit: Crickets - Crickets - Lucy (*FULL OUTFIT*) ( free)
Mesh sweater: Loop - LooP *MOH2 Hunt ( free)
Earrings: CentoPallini - *CentoPallini* Black Feather Earrings ( 1 ld)
Hair : see post before,
From inventory: Boots Maitreya ( Soho); Freckles: Ys&Ys

Bye bye, Nic

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