Monday, June 4, 2012

as promised

As promised in an earlier post from Tjip: He shows you another set from the MOH2 hunt. It is still going on. But not long anymore. It is hard to find the i-pod's. Couldn't find with area search and with the tips. But i will go on trying.
Love what tjip shows now. The jeans is a mesh jeans. Comes in 2 sizes. Search near the japanese puppet in the cupboard. The hoodie is from FA creations. Tip: the ipod is in the mens shop near the entrance behind a stone. The hair has more colours in it..but i changed it into black. Tip to find the ipod for the hair. It is behind the vendor.. on the vendor is written : game hair for men.

Jeans: Bird.Next.Door -  BND MOH Item ( free)
Hoodie: FA Creations - *FAC* Red Modern Hoodie-box ( free)
Hair: Bad@zz - Bad@zz hunt item - Black hair 'suave" + multicolored tips (free)

Have a good hunting, Nic

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