Monday, June 4, 2012

on the boat

Nic and tjip love boats. When you scroll back through the posts you can see it. Choosed many boats as background. But what is better fitting to a bermuda set and deck shoes...ofcourse... a boat.
Tjip shows the june groupgift from Gizza. The plaid navy deckshoes are from Duh! and just 25ld.
The new hair is a promo from A&A on marketplace. So grab it now for free. It is top hair with a tattoo layer hair base. Love this style for tjip with a moustache. Mediterranean look. Hope this blog with the mens posts helps  guys to dress up cool.

Bermuda outfit: Gizza - GizzA - June Group Gift [Male] (free)
Hair: A&A - A&A Phil Hair Moonlight, (free)
Shoes: Duh! - ::Duh!:: Men's Deck Shoes Navy Homespun ( 25ld)

Bye bye , Nic

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