Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Nic repetitioning at a nice small stage. Nice place for a music concert in the evening when you are coming from the beach, like she did in her light pink shirt. Then she changed her hair  and is waiting for the concert to start.
Total post in pink, because Soraya bought pink shoes at the dressing room and asked me for pink clothings. Found this all, but haha the shoes aren't there anymore. Too late. Collection changed. But anyway Nic is very glad with her pinks.
First outfit is a 10ld sweater a gift at Chloe.
The second outfit with the soft pink blouse is super. The bag with the towels ( remember Nic came from the beach huh) is included as well as a bermuda ( not shown here).
The cute top and hair and shoes on the third picture are from the June Festival (16-30 june). The wedges have a menu for the nails and the skin colour.

Hard pink sweater: Chloe - [Chloe] Blouse Katy Sale ( 10 ld)
Soft pink blouse and bag with towels: Leri Miles Designs - FInd Me! Leri Miles Designs ( free)
Top: Chloe - [Chloe] June Festival Gift
Wedges: [BWC CLUB] -[BWC CLUB] groupgift (free)
Hair: Adoness - Nerida Black (orange) (free)
From inventory: Pumps- TDR and TDR Blue; Skirt - Leezu ( posted recently)

Enjoy the summer concerts, Nic

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