Thursday, June 21, 2012

neon nights

It is Second Life's Ninth Birthday. It runs from june 18th - 27th, 2012. You sure will know that already, because when you start sl you can read it, waiting for sl to open. Because of that there are many events and also PRESENTS. And on a blog like this we love presents. Nic shows you the cute wearable cloud with moon and stars.
Boom has a another shop in New York City and because of the opening there is a present on the stairs. The backless dress. I showed the dress before in blue on this blog for the ColourChallenge. In the openingsgift there are neon colours ( 3 different sorts). And that fits so well with the stars from this wearable cloud.

Dress: Boom -  *BOOM* NYC Opening Gift!(free)
Cloud: Fairyzette - SL9B Free gift from Fairyzette Sahara ( free)

Dream well, Nic


Sorraya said...

coooool .it looks very nice :-)

villemo inglewood said...

Lovely cloud :)

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