Saturday, June 30, 2012

cadmium red

These are the pictures for cadmium red for the 52 weeks of Color Challenge. When i saw this classic bathing suit i knew it had to be this one on my pictures. But..but..but.. then a poor little rusty robot from the Color Challenges asked Nic if it was possible to come and stroke Nic's rusty wings. And ofcourse it was okay. A new serie of pictures was born.
The sad and lonely roboter in the box was visited by the fledermaus, now in cadmium red.

Nic got a warm welcome and the robot caressed her wings as  she liked to do so much.
And they spend a good time together sitting in the box, making a film and making pictures.
A sweet hug at the end :) Thanks Mayala Loon süsse Roboter, i loved to do this together.

You can get the classic bathing suit in many colours patterned or plain. The wings i recoloured. See the real colour in the post of last week from the ColorChallenge

Bathsuit: Laqroki - LAQ ~ Classic Bathing Suit - Red Patterned
Poses first serie pictures: Di's Opera - Di's Opera Express Line2 nr. 3,7 and 9
Wings: Damascus Lavarock - Succubus Starter Kit
Hair: Tameless - Tameless Hair Cat - Black and White
Tulle skirt: chocolat atelier -  ::c.A.:: Tulle skirt Black
From inventory: Boots - Maitreya; Nails and bracelet - Mandala; Earring - Eluzion;Lashes - Blacklace

Watch that super cute  film that Mayala made for her blogpost this week.
Bye bye , Nic


Rudhmellowen said...

Awwwww first off that bathing suit gives you a retro glam look I think in those first few photos then seeing you snuggled up with the sad rusty robot awwwww!!! Batgirl rocks!

Mayala Loon said...

You made the lonely loony rusty robot very happy ;-)
loved your wings ... and your patience with me ;-)
thanx for the fun

and you look awesome ... with and without wings

Unknown said...

Aww super cute pics! <3

Alexandra said...

you look so sweet !

YvetteDonner said...

Batgirl returns! I love the swimsuit, so classic and feminine. And your pictures with the robot are just adorable:)

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous Nic! I love it.

Laura18 Streeter said...

Aw that's cute! You mixed two styles indeed, from vintage to steampunk, and all so sweet!

Unknown said...


Sama Yalin said...

Aww that's so sweet! Lovely pictures this week :)

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