Sunday, June 3, 2012

going nuts with pistachio?

Is this the way how the rl person behind Nic will be doing her photoshopping for her blog posts for the Color Challenge from Luna Jubilee when she is old?
Or will she practise her sock knitting with her Wii? I hope we will not go nuts ( read pistachio) because of making too much  posts for the Color Challenge. But keeping our talents alive will be very good to be fresh and vivid when we are old.

Here we can see the old version of Nicandra.
She shows you the retro radio and enamel pot from the Retro Swap Meet at The Wash. It started 23 may 2012. It ends june 6th. 2012. All products just 10ld. The top that old Nic wears is from an outfit that she bought there. Not very pistachio green but okay it is green! Watch the retro sunglasses on her forehead.The garden overall and her knitting stuff is from The Wrigglesworth's Residence. A shop with funny stuff and  old avatars. And HUGE THANKS to Soraya because she lend me her old avatar.

Sunglasses: /artilleri/ - artilleri/ Clubmaster sunglasses *pink*(10ld)
Enamel pot: /artilleri/ - /artilleri/ 2x yellow enamel pots (10ld)
Radio: /artilleri/ - /artilleri/ Lopolito radio *pink*(10ld)
Top: *AS*  -*AS* Daisy Mae ll with Green Check ( 10ld)
Overall: Wrigglesworth's  - (W) Gardening Overalls & Acessories
Knitting: (W) Rosalind Loves Knitting

And now the young Nic.
Next picture shows you the pistachio choice from Nic for this week.The best "anti- nuts advise"  is written on it:
Yes we fashion lovers like to buy shoes. The boots are from the vintage Retro Swap Meet. The hair with hat is from Loq, a gift at Mojo.The pants are a groupgift from Loop.

Sweater: Pink Outfitters - [PO] Bendet Top (Keep Calm) - green
Pants: Loop - LooP *saddle / black / female ( free)
Boots: Babble Fairy ( Sentou Yousei ) - *BF* Daisy Wedge Boots (10ld)
Bag: D'Sastre - ~DC~January Group Gift ( free)
Hair: Loq at Mojo - "LoQ Hair" Bonomo - Mojo Gift (free)

Thanks Mattheo for the first picture
Post made for the 52 weeks of Color Challenge from Luna Jubilee.
Take care of yourself Maus in this difficult time.

Keep calm and don't go nuts, Nic


Anonymous said...

LOL at the old version of Nic. That's awesome! But I'll take young Nic's advise: *goes to buy more shoes* :)

YvetteDonner said...

Love those shoes! And very sexy pistachio panties, too ;)

Mayala Loon said...

Hehe .. love this post ... made me smile on a rainy day ;-) ....
Yep ... maybe I'm not far away from the first pic anymore ... lol ... I already wondered about all the white dots on my screen ;-)

Rudhmellowen said...

SO CUTE and LOL I love those granny pics... you make a kick butt granny lol

Ygrey Auer said...

Love your post! Cute granny!

Anichka Savira said...

Ha, great post! I love your look.

Alexandra said...

Ha ha, love the granny, too few of them in SL, at least avatar-wise.

Asia Romano said...

Another great post Nic. I sooooo need that t-shirt :)

Fledge said...

Haha I love your granny doing virtual knitting! Your avatar granny looks a bit stern, probably tutting at your lime knickers you saucy girl ;) Big laffs at that top too :D

I got the Daisy boots, yay! But I was cross about the LoQ hat hair. I'd just picked it up myself at The Dressing Room - and NOT for free >:(

Nicandra Laval said...

oh so sorry for you Fledge about the hair. Nice to read that you went to get the boots.. and all the others thanks for the nice comments
I hoped to bring a smile on the faces of the readers and i succeeded . that is a great idea.

Alexandra said...

ha ha, the professor is already falling in love.

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