Saturday, July 21, 2012

vintage babe in aqua island

Waves: "oh go away, i am not drinking too much. I am just having a little party on my own because i have to celebrate that i got this new pergola lounge".

"Shall i name my home location "Aqua Island" after this weeks color for the 52 weeks of ColorChallenge?" May be a good idea because i put there this beautiful pergola lounge.
Nice background for my vintage babe in aqua island colors.

On the fifth and sixth pictures Nic is styled with lesser expensive stuff then on the first four. Those shoots are taken for the 500ld Avatar Challenge. I can recommend that Challenge to all the ColorChallengers. It is so much fun to do.

Didn't drink too much huh ^^?

For the pictures i used animations that i took out of 2 shadow boxes from the Seraphim hunt. For that hunt you are looking for cupcakes. The cupcake at Sparrowtree, you find near the dollarbies. Those dollarbies are very cute. They contain, beside the animations, also all sorts of attributes. Worthwhile looking around there.

Scroll down for some more sphere pictures at the end.

Necklace: Atelier AM - .+*AA*+. lariate and pearl necklace *white
Sweater: mon tissu - {mon tissu} Slouchy Sweatshirt ~ Sky

Total costs: 360 ld
Hair: Ingenue - Ingenue :: Myrna :: Mahogany ( 75ld)
Sunglasses: Artilleri - /artilleri/ Onyxia glasses *pink* ( 120ld)
Bikini: Artilleri - Nyna bikini *blue* ( 150ld)
Pumps: Angel Alphaville  - Angel Alphaville 67 pink2 (free)
Skin: Mirror's Enigma -  [:ME:] Desiree Light Skintone (Happy Bday SeraphimSL)(10ld)
Necklace: frUmi - *frUmi* long pearl necklace (5ld)
Nails: Sigma - SIGMA Jewels/ Prim fingernails (beige grain) ( free)
Bangles: Sigma - SIGMA Jewels/ Layered bangles (gold) ( free)

Poses: Sparrowtree - "Seraphim Turns One" Birthday Hunt  Item from SSP ( 10ld)
Poses: BENT - BENT. Seraphim Birthday Hunt ( 10ld)
Pergola lounge: Circa - Circa pergola lounge ( 10ld)

Bye, bye , Nic
At the end a few sphere pictures. Made on my way at Ends Garden to get a nice groupgift there. ;)
On the last picture the skinny mesh jeans from Blueberry store, the newest groupgift.


Rudhmellowen said...

WOW glam and serene all in one post! I love the retro look of the first few pics but it's good to see you let your hair down as the sunset came in and you could get your warm clothes back on!!! So Cute!

Alexandra said...

Great post ! Nicandra, and you totally rule the 500ld challenge, totally!

Sawa Gothly said...

love this vintage look, well done <3

Ygrey Auer said...

Oh, I love it. Beautiful pics. The last one is my favorite.

inkie Loudwater said...

OMG girl you outdone ourself today I love teh necklace , bikini , pictures oohh I love everything <3

Laura Streeter said...

Aw Nicky I love this whole set! The first vintage one reminds me of the vacation I want to have... and the second set is so pretty :P

Anichka Savira said...

I love these shots, you are so sexy Nic. Great swimsuit and love the sweat shirt.

YvetteDonner said...

omg! Whatever party you are at, I want to go there! And you know what? Picture #5 looks like it should be painted on the nose of a bomber :P And the second picture of your second set is just magical :)

Laila Laperriere said...

OHHH NIC!! What an awesome job you did on this weeks color challenge! I possibly cannot decide which is my fav, they are all fabulous! I will say this though...that adorable sweater needs to me in my inventory, I am making way for it! LOL.
Great job..xoxo

Madison said...

Great post Nic!! I especially love love love the last serene

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