Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bags and anniversary

Tokid has the second anniversary. For the group members ( and i am happy i am in and told you many times about this group) there are exclusive presents. A pity for those who want join the group now. The Toki-Doki group is closed. After the anniversary festivities it will be re-opened. My grey dress and the leopard top and the leather pants are all anniversary presents. And there is more in the shop: Every day there will be brand new exclusive group gifts, these gifts will not be given out past the event, try to pick them up before Monday July 30th, at 11:59 PM SLT. Every day 5 different items are prized off 75%.You will have to find them though :) no special marks, no hints, can be any items in the store look carefully.There is a particular section in the store where everything is sold for 2 or 0 lindens! Please look around and try to find it, it is really easy :) And for the 2 or 0 linden items you need not be in the  group!!!

And now also nice things for not only the happy few, who are in the group. My super leather croco bag in red is at the sale in SHI. The necklace from SHI i described already in the two Post before.
The grey / black bag is from the discount area at Ys&Ys. Love them both.
The hair is another free hair from The Hair Fair. This one is from Clawtooth.

And here you see the coat from SHI. In sale just 100ld!!!!

Hair:  Clawtooth - Clawtooth: Cosmic Love Hair Fair Gift ( 1ld)
Bag: SHI - .Shi : Croco Leather Bag {Mesh Unrigged - Red} ( sale exclusive)
Coat: SHI - .S h i : Herringbone Tweed Coat
Bag: Ys&Ys - *YourShape* Illetes Bag IceAge ( discount)
Leather pants: Tokid - (TokiD) anniversary leather trousers ( free for groupmembers)
Dress: Tokid - (TokiD) geanna dress anniversary colours ( free for groupmembers)
Top: Tokid - (TokiD) leopard says thank you ( free for groupmembers)
From inventory: Shoes maitreya (verve); nails- old mother Goose groupgift; necklace - SHI ( see 2 post before this one); Eyes - Sakurako

Bye bye Nic

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Sorraya said...

oje 20 min versucht blog zu öffnen .schade das so schlecht geht ..-((
na das sind aber super coole outfits .toll.und soooo schöne neue handbags ))
super kombiniert auch ,mag ich sehr .
lovely greetings und einen schönen sonntag dir maus.-)

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