Monday, July 30, 2012

didn't know she is SO popular ;)

On a quiet morning Nic  found a nice dress at the Vanity Fair. (Started on 28th July 2012 - till august 11th 2012). Theme is Vanity.
Nic  met Laura Auggers there, who happened to know Nic because of this blog. Makes me proud ofcourse! (laughing).

We talked about the free skin from JeSyLiLo at the fair. Beside that she told me that she liked my blog (blush) this is also what she said:
[03:50] Laura (laura.auggers): if you allow me...  i don't like when you try new skins ^^'[03:51] Laura (laura.auggers): to my mind your shape/skin as in your portrait is perfect :D.

And  yes i totally agree on that. I love my LAQ skin the most. But i want show you skins on this blog so you need not spend so much money and can get a good quality skin. And this one i like very much. And ofcourse i try skins for the 500ld Avatar Challenge. But after my shoots for the blog i always immediately return to my LAQ skin Elena. That is Nic as i like her the most.

Another topic we talked about was this:
[03:53] Laura (laura.auggers): even if it's not easy to evaluate a skin on another shape
[03:53] Nicandra Laval: sure
[03:54] Laura (laura.auggers): i tried the lissee's one last days (here)... pics were nice, but it looked "artificial" on me
[04:04] Nicandra Laval: sometimes you can change your mouth or eyes a bit, then it looks better with another skin. Or with some make up.
[04:06] Laura (laura.auggers): i'll try thanks for the info :)

And see what happened when Nic was making her fotoshoot for this post at her home location. Suddenly there was an invasion of photographers. The paparazzi came. I didn't know Nic is SO popular. ;)

Total Costs: 416 ld
Skin: JeSyLiLo - *JeSyLiLO*:::Asin:::*TanSkin*J5(Vanity Fair Gift ) ( free)
Dress: LeNouk at the Vanity Fair- LeNouk - Dress Laise #003 beige (40ld)
Pumps: Angel Alphaville - Angel Alphaville 68 Beige (free)
Hair: Analog Dog ( discount area) - AD - ash medium - cafe (25ld)
Eyes: IKON ( formerly fashism) - IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Hazel Light (150ld)
Bag: C'est la Vie!  at Vanity Fair - ::C'est la vie !:: Straw Cultch(ribbon pink)mesh (1ld)
Necklace: Shi - .Shi : Paintstone Necklace [Mesh]( 200ld /sale)
Lashes: Edelstore - EdelStore FREE eyes lashes for you ( free)

Have a nice day, Nic


Laura said...

Laura blushes and looks for a little hole to hide in "very nice pics as usual... and i say it again, i'm sure LAQ skin Elena has been made for you :D ."

Mayala Loon said...

Haha ... yep, those paparazzi can be a pest ... *grins*
Very cool pics ;-)

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