Saturday, July 7, 2012

austronaut blue

In the beginning i was totally not inspired to make a post with the colour "astronaut blue" due to very busy rl, caring for a beloved person that suddenly can't speak and can't use a leg and arm. She needs every second attention 24 hours a day because she forgets she can't use her leg and can break her hip.
Because of caring several days last week i was very tired.
What i found  in sl for this post wasn't the right colour or the combination that i made , i couldn't appreciate. But then suddenly things changed. I knew what to wear  and where to go to make the pictures. And guess what? My tiredness disappeared! Second Life can be such a good place to forget the troubles of rl. I think many of you know this.
Astronaut blue also reminded me of our dutch austronaut André Kuipers who just came back on earth last week after 193 days in space, in the international space station.

I wanted to make pictures of Nic in a space environment.The pictures are made in Pandoria. Nic wears a free skin from the movie " Avatar". Also for male there. Her sweater is the new group gift from Tokid. Join group is not free, but you get many good presents. I know the blue from this sweater is lighter then austronaut blue. The mesh ballet flats you can find in the info and notices from the Lamu group from Alb Dream Fashion ( 8  textures are in the package). Isn't it cool the ballet flats are walking on the galaxy? You can make a wish, because i catched a fallling star on the picture.
On the fourth picture Nic is guided by her "Atokirina", the light giving creature, that swirls around her head like an jellyfish. You can get it for free when you arrive in Pandoria.

Total costs: 495 ld
Skin: Unique Megastore - Avatar Female Skin - Special Edition (by Unique Megastore) ( free)
Sweater: Tokid - (TokiD) group gift (asymetrical) ( free, but group join fee 250 ld)
Atokirina: Jamilah Rossini - Atokirina (free)
Hair -  EMO-tions ( Finya) ( 245 ld)
Flats: Alb Dream - ALB GIFT HEART  - LALITHA flats  Go to info/ notices Lamu group ( free)
Post made for the 52 weeks of Color Challenge from Luna Jubilee and 500ld Avatar Challenge

Bye bye, Nic


Rudhmellowen said...

Wow Nic, you look awesome!!! Relaxed and happy, and glad to hear that SL made you forget all the stresses of doing something so admirable as to care for someone!!! You are a trooper!

Grazia Horwitz said...

that's a lot of blue, Nic!! But you look awesome!

Ygrey Auer said...

You're amazing in blue! I hope your beloved person get well
Big kisses!

Anichka Savira said...

Gorgeous, Nic. Such a lovely look, the skin, the outfit, the whole look is perfect.

Laila Laperriere said...

Nic, this is both beautiful and whimsical. I to get lost in my sl world when I am dressing Laila for the color challenge, and its a good loosing yourself. =) I will keep you and your loved one in my prayers. I hope she gets better.

inkie Loudwater said...

Hello girl André Kuipers was on your mind as well must be a Dutch thingy. Hope the person you need to look after is feeling better soon Bowing my head in respect to you doing that <3

Laura Streeter said...

Aw very cool Nicky! LOL at first I thought you were being a mermaid :P
And I hope your friend is better and you can rest a bit soon

Sama Yalin said...

You make such a gorgeous Na'vi! Perfect choice for astronaut blue :)

Fledge said...

You look fantastic, and wow poor you what a week, I hope your loved one will recover or that you can get some help caring for her, nobody can do that 24/7 and stay healthy :( I want an Atokirina, I must visit Pandoria ^^ I already found the skins *g*

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