Monday, July 9, 2012

black leather dress

 You have to go to the Lo Lo som because there is a sale going on till 16th of July 2012. 50% off at Caroline's Jewlry, Ingenue, MichaMi and Ibang. At the Doppelganger shop is all 50ld because the shop will close for good at 15th of July 2012. Also nice things for men overthere at Doppelganger.
Nic wears a jacket from Doppelganger for 50ld. The leather Dress is from MichaMi with the discount :). Nic is happy. She  found the Hooper earrings for free at Carlonie's Jewelry.
The hair is from a sale at Adoness. All colour packs are 50ld.
The bag is worthwhile paying for at Pelletteria Morresey. And those leggings are realy super in my opinion.

Dress: MichaMi - MichaMi: Leather Dress in Black ( 110 ld)
Jacket: Doppelganger - Doppelganger - Bridget Coat - Taupe ( 50ld)
Legging: Izzie's - Izzie's - Leggings Aztec Print black
Bag: Pelletteria Morrisey - Pelletteria Morrisey - Travel handbag Grey ( 90ld)
Hair: Adoness - Adoness - Pythoness - Grayscale ( 50ld)
Earrings: (Caroline's) - (Caroline's) Large Hoop Earrings *gift
From inventory: Gloves; sunglasses - groupgift SZD; nails and ring - Purple Moon

I hope you will like this combination, i know for sure someone well-known to me will, Nic

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Sorraya said...

mmmmm lecker kaffee und orange saft
nachdem du schöne neue bag gekauft hast????? hehe
sehr süß-ich auch will haben.


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