Thursday, July 12, 2012

tjips day

Regular i show on this blog nice outfits for men. Today it is again tjip's day. He shows new hair, pants, shoes, a jacket and tanktop. This time not free. The suit on the last picture is the free item for men. For the first style i want thank Danaf. I met him somewhere in sl and immediately loved what he weared. He was so kind to help to find all. And i love the result.
Jacket and tank from Gabriël. Hair from Tukinowaguma. And soft pants from Entente. All Japanese shops. Danaf is an asian men. No wonder he was dressed so well, because i now see he makes a fashion blog. I love the good quality of japanese designs in sl.
Relax time is over. Tjip has to dress up for dancing with Nic. We can call them Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore now, named after their outfits from Bubblez Design.

Jacket: Gabriël - ::GB::MESH  Hemp  Loose shirt ( LIGHT BLUE)
Tank: Gabriël - ::GB::MESH Tanktop(LIGHT GRAY)
Pants: Entente - -Entente- Classic Chinos - Homme - Grey
Sneakers:  Kapone - Triptik Mesh sneakers Leather Blue
Hair: Tukinowaguma  - Tukinowaguma Claude Ebony
Suit: Bubblez Design - BB - Salvatore Outfit (2000+ group members gift) ( free)
Dress Nicandra: Bubblez Design - BB - Silvatori Outfit (thank u all) ( free)

Bye bye,Nic

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