Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sexy or red zone avatar ?

There’s a 500L Avatar Challenge going on. I read about it on the site from Sonya Marmurek. The idea is to make a new avatar under 500L, everything used must be available and accessible now. 
Reading this my brains immediately took off working. " What shall i make, what shall i wear ? What theme shall i use? " Sonya used a theme, steam adventurer. Good idea to use a theme i thought.
So i searched for the free stuff and came in a good environment. And then popped up the theme. Is she a very sexy woman near the bus stop or is she someone from the red zone district?
And suddenly there came along a drunken German man with Beck's bier in his hand. May be it was because he was drunk but it was obvious that he thought Nic was from the red zone district. He did a proposal to Nic. But she refused it.

To get the dress you need click the butterfly on the ground. The boots are a part of the outfit "Drive" from an old groupgift at Ydea. Still on a board on the wall.
Poetic Colors always has a freebie in the shop. Click the huge eye in the back of the shop.
And in this Hair Fair period again a free gift from the fair.

Dress: Utopia -  Butterfly 32 UTOPIA ( free)
Boots: Ydea  - part of groupgift, Ydea All gift **Ydea Drive** ( free)
Skin: Kyxe - KyxeStar Makeup - Wood Tone - Member Gift (free)
Hair: Tameless hair at Hair fair  - Tameless hair Anita - All Colors ( 1ld or free)

Nails and ring: Mandala on marketplace - [MANDALA]MILKY WAY RING & NAILS/gaga black (97ld)
Eyes: Poetic colors - poetic colors - autumn moon - freebie eyes ( free) 
Shape: made by me

The German man wears:
Bermuda: Gizza - part of Gizza May groupgift ( free)

Was fun to do this challenge and i hope you like it, Nic


Laura Streeter said...

Nicky,I think he was drunk. You look too classy to be from the red light district! Ehm... perhaps the boots.. LOL!
you could see my piccies here too maybe its better:

Alexandra said...

wonderful fun story. I must try that challenge too, definitely !

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