Saturday, July 14, 2012


Nic with her new rasta hair from the Hair Fair. I had something else in my mind to show you but it wasn't in the shop yet. May be i can show it later in another post. But this free hair was so cool. And it fitted to the romper i had in mind to show you. The orange flats go so well with it. From my inventory i added the bag with fruit for a tropical sphere.

Romper: *[Amarelo Manga] - ]*[Amarelo Manga] - Dani Romper [Orange] (free)
Hair: Discord Designs - Discord Designs - HF12 Gift  [RJ / Jada]( 1ld)
Flats: DeColores Inc. - DeColores Inc.Go Bananas Suede  Flats (free)

Aloha, Nic

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