Friday, July 13, 2012

my long leather coat

Nic strolled many hours through second life. First couldn't come in with my Phoenix Firestorm viewer. Downloaded the newest version.This didn't help. Tjip could come in but Nic didn't. My internet was stable.Then saw grid status: maintenance not all avatars can come online. Waited and tried and tried. Then i could come in but couldn't move. My bridge had to be installed, could take some time, it said. and again crash after crash. Tried the second life viewer and woopie Nic could come in. Nic still can't enter with my beloved viewer. But ok i anyway could do my hobby. Much more difficult with the Second Life viewer, because the search options in my inventory ar SOOOOO much better with my Phoenix Firestorm. But this is finally the result.

I stood near a lucky board and BCC and saw an Japanese woman with a cute skin. She helped me to find the shop. And i found this beautiful skin, a groupgift. Name of the shop: Yoon Beauty. Never been there before. Her eyes were from BIBi Skin but the shop doesn't exist anymore. She weared the red hair from lucky board at D!va. So i went there to search my luck.
Here i show you her cute face.
May be Nic's skin is another one from Yoon but both are beautiful. I added eyelashes and more darker brows. To fit better to Nic. I choosed realistic eyes from my inventory. Once was a present from Konejitas VIP group from Kamille Kelberry.
On my way strolling through second life i came in the sim Quartet. And found a cute shoe shop. The partly mesh boots are from that shop. Name of the shop: Neko-Kan.
The leather jacket is a groupgift from the Lamu group from AnaLee Balut. She asks the groupmembers for comment. I like the coat  but i am sorry to say my arms go through the coat when i move.

Skin: Yoon Beauty - [YOON SKIN] Vanessa Blonde (free)
Hair Nic: D!va - (WEAR)""D!va"" Hair "Nana" (Ruby) LB limited color!( free)
Hair Japanese woman: D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Senri2" ( free)
Coat: Alb Dream Fashion ( lamu group /info/ notices) - ALB ANTJE coat -  MESH - GROUP GIFT ( free)
Boots: Neko Kan - +NK+ half boots _brown ( 120ld)
Necklace: Ydea - Ydea part of outfit Lilian ( free old groupgifts)
From inventory: Top - Chronokit; Jeans - Aoharu

Bye bye Nic

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Ygrey Auer said...

Hi Nicandra, Thanks for the information about hair. I took some pics withs those hairs in the past.
You're very pretty with rose haire style.

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