Saturday, July 14, 2012

crochet sweater

A must have for this season, this crochet sweater from Monso. I love it! It comes with a bra ( not shown). I am so glad to discover that the designer from past Sweetest Goodbye, Morphine Janick, is back in sl with this new brand: Monso. And see again how creative she is. Some "golden oldies" from the former shop you can also find back there.
The hair from Nic is one of the hairs she did buy. So now  no freebie shown this time. This one i liked so much that i wanted spend my money. It has 2 options as you can see. You can change the option with clicking the hair. It is so cute to see the animation when you click. It is as if your avatar does her hair.

And i am happy i did my shoppings already at the Hair Fair. It is so difficult to enter. The sim is so crowded and coming in is a hell of a job. The low lag skin from ChiChickie was very helpful to me. Posted about it here.
The bag is the package from the crochet sweater. But i liked it for the picture. Sorry i didn't change my clothings. I weared these ones in an earlier post from today. So scroll for info and lm.

Crochet sweater: Monso - [monso] My Crochet Sweater - Pink
Hair: EMO-tions at Hair Fair : .:EMO-tions:. * SUSAN * darkbrown

Bye bye, Nic

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Sorraya said...

boa der sweater isat ja super klasse .mesh ?
was sonst .
wie lange hast du denn gesessen für diese vielen tollen outfits ? :-)))
doch eine pummelige maus werden? haha
so tolle jetzt hairfair ? cool .
aber wir brauchen doch noch pooloutfits für tirol.
hoffe ich seh dich heute abend.kisses and a nice sunday .

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