Friday, July 6, 2012


Nic's Sweater is from the black/white hunt. You have to find  black and white masks. Very easy to find. I also found the black and white skirt from Chloe, but i wanted to show you another cute skirt from Sakide. It is from the Grungy Summer Outfits hunt. In the package is also a khaki version. When you scroll down you can see other also two dresses from Chloe from the black/white hunt. Outside the shop is a board where you can see what you can get on that hunt. The hunt ends on 13 july 2012
My curly black hair with hat is an oldie from EMO-tions. I think it was from a hunt. Not available in the shop. Sorry.

Sweater: Chloe - [Chloe] - #2 Black/White Hunt (10ld)
Skirt: Chloe - [Chloe] - #1 Black/White Hunt ( 10ld)
Dress: Chloe - [Chloe] - #5 Black/White Hunt ( 10ld)
Dress: Chloe - [Chloe] - #4 Black/White Hunt ( 10ld)
Skirt: Sakide - [ SAKIDE ] Grungy Summer Outfits (free)
Offshoulder shirt: Spearsong Clothing - .:SS:. OFF SHOULDER BLACK SOUND WAVE ( free)

Here is the total combination from Chloe:

And here i show the khaki skirt with the offshoulder shirt from Spearsong Clothing, a groupgift.
and here two dresses from Chloe from the black and white hunt

And the last one is the june groupgift from Azul. I added it because also black and white. Love the lace toppart of it.
Dress: Azul - -AZUL- GroupGift201206#1

Hope you love it as much as i do, Nic

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Sorraya said...

super schöne outfits .ich mag sehr diese eine schulterfreie dress und darunter das weiße .super klasse
alles mesh i think

seh süß kombiniert .:-))great .


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