Wednesday, July 11, 2012

swimmingpool fun

Near the swimmingpool in Tirol. "Come on over to see my new beachwear": Soraya said this evening. And there Nic arrived in the middle of the fun at the pool in Tirol. It was as if it was vacation there. The place is from Josef Zapatero. I made a picture of him when he was doing his sunoil on his legs. Josef wears sandals from Sf Design. Another sort of sandals are  at the moment the gift at sf design.
Soraya showed her beachwear from Viomagic a promo (99ld) at marketplace: Tunic, bikini , necklace and sandals. Her hair Lara in black came from Analog Dog.
Dancer is the one with the other sunhat and sunglasses. Her set is from Sassy Kitty Design. Bikini, bag and belt and sunhat and even the sunglasses are all included. It is from the lucky board there. Dancers skin is 1 ld at JE*Republic.
The bermuda from Mihaly, the man on the picture where Nic is going to dive, is an old Gizza groupgift from May.
Anja floating in the blue tube, wears free hair from A&A. A&A Minerva Hair Strawberryblonde
Nic wears her hoodieset from lucky board at Bubblez Design. Her hair is from Luckyboard at Ray Skin at the second floor in the shop.The sandals are a dollarbie from Alb Dream Fashion. Bag and sunglasses are from a hunt at Paris Metro Couture.

Sandals: Alb Dream Fashion - ALB PHOEBE outfit JULY 2012 birthday special by AnaLee Balut ( 1ld)
Outfit Nic: Bubblez Design  -  BB - Marie Outfit ( free - lucky Board)
Sunglasses and bag: Paris Metro Couture - Paris METRO Couture: Forget Me Not (c/m*) ( free)
Hair Nic: :::**Ray Skin**:::  - :::**Ray Skin**::: ~Air~15 *mithran II* BOX ( free Lucky Board)
Outfit Soraya : Viomagic - VioMagic Beachwear Set Promo 99ld
Outfit Dancer: Sassy Kitty Design -  [Sassy Kitty Designs] French Beach Fashionista Outfit ( free)
SkinDancer:  JE*REPUBLIC- JE*REPUBLIC-SKIN-Sophia-GIFT ( 1 ld)

Bye bye, Nic

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Sorraya said...

unser sexy josef ..danke für die süßen bilder .,sehr schönes bild von uns ,i love it very much...kisses

we have holiday feelings this days :))))

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