Thursday, July 12, 2012


First waiting backstage. Then with full elegance on the catwalk. Isn't she beautiful? Nic wears a skin from Kyxe. By accident i came in that shop and found this groupgift. The elegance of the dress from Paris Metro need no description. It is a mix of mesh and non mesh. Hunt item from the SummerLoving Hunt.

Need to tell you that in a few days the Hair fair starts.  "You can join the Hair Fair Demo group.  All the designers will send out their demos on July 13th to this group, and that lets you have a chance to try them all on at home with no lag, so you can decide which hairs you simply must have!!!" ,writes the owner of the ChiChikie hair salon. Name of the group is the Hair Fair DEMO Group. Hair Fair opens at midnight on the 14th. To walk around at the Hair Fair it is better to go so low laggy as possible. You can get already 2 low lag skins at ChiChickie. A low lag skin is a skin with clothings on it. So you can go "naked". Tomorrow you can get there skin nr. 3.

Dress: Paris Metro Couture - SLH #025 Paris METRO Couture: MESH Watercolor Floral (free)
Skin: Kyxe - Kyxe - KyxeStar Makeup - Wood Tone - Member Gift ( free)
Hair - Exile - ::Exile:: Carolyn: Light Browns ( 250ld)
Eyes: Sakurako - *sakurako* New Color Eyes (100ld)
Bare feet: Coco - *COCO*_Gift_BareFeet ( free)
Pictures used for 500ld Challenge
Low lag skins: ChiChikie!  & KRB - Wednesday and Thursday low lag skin Gift Hair Fair 2012 ( free)

Bye Bye , see you at the Hair Fair, Nic

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