Friday, August 30, 2013

une vie dure dans le cirque

From the Rock Attitude Hunt 3 ( august 15th - 15th september 2013) at Lutricias Luxuries i got this skin with the make up as if Nic is crying. Good for sharing your emotions sometimes. Sl can be hard. Search a  tiny box with the Union Jack on it and a skull (England box).
Nic shows a gift from The Enmeshed into Fall Hunt: the corset dress. The black feathers are from my inventory. I wear the boots from Duh ( see post before this post) because the boots that are included stay grey. I will write the designer about it.
The necklace i found at marketplace.

Corset  dress : Wasteland - EnMESHED Fall Gift Cirque de Mort ( free)
Necklace: *R+A* -*R+A* OnyxNecklace (1ld)
Skin: Lutricias Luxuries -  [DBF] Skin Signe (Rock Attitude Hunt)( free)
From inventory: top - Jane; legging old; feathers - Azul; Nose old

Bye bye, Nic

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