Friday, August 2, 2013

day in the wood

Tjip worked hard in the wood. He shows you some clothes from the battle of the sexes hunt. I Was Right Once (IWRO) is the name for the male part of the hunt. I had the help of ukyo subaru from Mexico for this hunt. He was bored in sl and then i gave him the idea of doing this hunt for me. This green outfit from Shadow Moon we both liked. On the last picture tjip is wearing a cardigan from another hunt. I went back today to see what hunt it was and discovered that yesterday was the last day of that hunt. Sorry. But the battle of the sexes hunt is still running.

Green outfit: Shadow Moon - Tribal Dragon - Green (1ld)
Sparrows: Grizzly Creek - Grizzly Creek Free E tree Sparrow ( free)
Wood: STARMARK Creations - 4 wood chopping blocks (9ld)
Ax: kolbaskin  - ax (5ld)

Bye bye, Nic

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