Saturday, August 3, 2013


Tjip shows you again clothes from the Battle of the Sexes hunt. The purple hoodie and the black shorts are from that hunt. The black shorts are from Toxic High.The hunt item is in the shop between toxic barrels. The purple hoodie is from men's hut nr. 8. Search near the board about the hunt. The red lined hoodie is from the men's stuff hunt from Loordes of London. All the hunt items you can find in a rack in the back of the shop. Very easy.
The hunt gift from the battle of the sexes from Loordes of London are shoes. Not shown here.

Red Hoodie: Loordes of London - Loordes of London-Central Line Hoodie-Red ( free)
Black shorts: Toxic High - ToXiC HiGh-- Male Hunt Gift ( 1ld)
Purple Hoodie: Mens hut nr. 8 - mens hut no 8 mens hoodie HIM #41( 1ld)

Thanks ukyo for helping
Bye bye, Nic

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Hey Fashionistas..

I just discovered this blog.. pretty awesome work !

But umm.. I have all the troubles of the world to find that red hoodie..

Any sort of help would be super appreciated..

Thank you

RegularGuy :)

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