Friday, August 16, 2013

photographer in trouble

Nic arrives in Fruit Islands Tropical Rainforest at the sim Appleberry to make some pictures. She starts to walk and is impressed by the beautiful huge trees. But then it happens...oh my goodness suddenly she is surrounded by gorilla's. As fast as the wind she runs away and hides herself  behind rocks and plants. Then someone is saying : "come up here". High on the mountain enjoying the super view she felt save and relaxed.

Nic wears a free dress from Blacklace at Zenshi mall. You need to join the Zenshi group and click the board. the shoes are a new release from BSD. Yes BabyChampagne is soooo hard working. The bag is a photographers bag from BSD. Nic took ofcourse her camera with her. Nic wears lovely new hair from Wasabi Pills at Fameshed.
The man on the pictures, ViewBanks ( from Australia) is wearing a total avatar from marketplace, a promo. You get the hair, shape, skin, clothes, boots, tattoo, eyes ( blue,brown or green) and sunglasses all for just 399ld. And i think he is good -looking.

Dress: Blacklace at Zenshi - ~Blacklace~ Rosette: Zenshi July Exclusive MESH Summer Dress ( free)
Hair: Wasabi Pills at Fameshed - /Wasabi Pills/ Sarah Mesh Hair - Blonds Pack
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}Supermodel mvw-pink
Bag: BSD - {{BSD Design Studio}}Photographer's  bags

Outfit and avatar ViewBanks: ELVEN - ELVEN Independent complete avatar **Promo** 399ld

Pictures taken at: Fruit Islands Tropical Rainforest. I can recommend to put your camera on the waterfall and wait.You will see spectacular colors when the day time changes fast.. i can't get enough from this view. Click the pictures to enlarge.

 Bye bye, Nic

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